Got Treated to Yellow Cab Pizza

Got Treated to Yellow Cab Pizza

September 16, 2010

After nine months, the Christmas treat from Boss Ivy has finally materialized into pizza. It was my fault though because I wasn’t able to use the money until that day. Boss Ivy decided that I should buy from yellow cab and she picked out the pizza flavors. So allow me to introduce the different pizza that were bought.

Yellow Cab # 4 Cheese Pizza

This one is a classic. For those who are on “veggie day”, this is the only thing they can eat.

Yellow Cab Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza

A little more than the usual pepperoni pizza due to the presence of mushrooms. Still good!

Yellow Cab Barbeque Chicken Pizza

A relatively new creation by Yellow Cab when you compare it to the other four. Chicken chunks in a pizza with a “weird” smelling aroma. I’m not sure where that smell is coming from but it doesn’t stop me from taking a few slices.

Yellow Cab Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza

Meat.. meat.. meat.. This is my favorite among all four simply because it is full of meat.

All these pizza were really yummy but you just have to watch out because Yellow Cab Pizza are very oily that you could wipe it off the pizza first before eating it to save your health. You can also have the pizza sliced into a party cut (square cuts instead of the usual slice cuts) so that more people can have a share but I forgot to ask for that while ordering.

There were no orders of pasta this time because those orders will be hard to share among the team but I guess in future visits, we can feature their pasta especially the favorite of the group, Charlie Chan Pasta (spicy man so I usually just eat a few).

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3 thoughts on “Got Treated to Yellow Cab Pizza

  1. hungrybee says:

    Next time you can try calda pizza’s 36inches for about P1300. My team usually orders it. Very thin crust though, crunchy crust and less oily, just the way I want it. :)

    For reference:

  2. yummy pizza!! i love their Charlie Chan too.

  3. ang sarapp =P~~~~

So what can you say? :)