Goto King Mini Dinner

Goto King Mini Dinner

Goto King

One night while going home, I happened to stop by Goto King that’s near our house and tried it out.

Goto King Supreme – PHP 75.00

(picture above) I ordered the Goto King Supreme (or in simple words, everything on it) just to try it out. The Goto King Supreme contains a lot of ingredients such as dumplins, chicharon, twalya (tripe), and others that I can’t remember. Taste-wise, the calamansi helps a lot in adding flavor because it is just so-so.

Goto King Tofu Sticks

Goto King Crispy Tokwa – PHP 35

Hot and Crispy! The tofu sticks have been fried in a crunchy batter. I would have wanted their chili sauce but they gave me toyomansi instead. A good source of protein but thumbs down to it being fried.

They have other variations of their Gotos and the differences are below. Both of these variants can have an additional egg and/or chicharon.

  • Goto King -> They use twalya (tripes – stomach lining)
  • Goto Queen -> They use isaw (large intestines – can be from chicken or pig)

Through this, I learned about the term “tubong lugaw” (small capital, big return of investments) literally in here. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but instead, it’s a model that businessmen should follow especially if you want to succeed fast financially.

But anyway, I’m happy that my meal in Goto King managed to heat up my cold stomach. The next time I return here, I’ll try out their rice meals.

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Goto King, Buendia
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Pasong Tamo, San Antonio Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

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