Greenwich Free Spaghetti Promo Coupon

Greenwich Free Spaghetti Promo Coupon

When we watched Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, we got free ice cream from Selecta and free pizza from Greenwich. Greenwich also gave us two coupons (the one you see above).

So one night, I decided to try out this promo.

Here’s the mechanics:

  1. Present this coupon when you order any double sized Xtreme Cheese Pizza and get 2 meaty spaghetti for free
  2. Promo is valid in all greenwich stores nationwide.
  3. Before ordering, present this coupon and inform the greenwich representative that you are availing of the promo.
  4. This coupon is valid for one transaction only.
  5. This coupon is not valid in conjunction with any other promos or discounts.

There were a few problems encountered when we tried to avail this promo.

  1. The greenwich branch didn’t know about this promo and told us that this is not valid in their branch… but the see point # 2.
  2. The manager said that this is valid for delivery only … but see point # 3.. if we want delivery, why would we go their branch and “personally order”
  3. They would want to charge us 10% delivery charge even if we simply want to wait for our order in their branch. What?

See pictures here…

The pizza was delicious (very cheese and meaty – yum yum) but the spaghetti was just so-so. Their pasta isn’t as sweet as their brother Jollibee and has a brownish color too.

Not a really good experience with greenwich and to note that it was expensive. Around PHP 300+ for the whole order thanks to that 10% delivery charge.

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