Off the Grid (OTG) “Food Truck”

Off the Grid (OTG) “Food Truck”


Off the Grid (OTG) is one of the restaurants that you can find at Venice PiazzaMckinley Hill and the latest one that we tried out. Off the Grid follows the concept of a food truck (e.g. Mercato, Carnivale, Cucina Andare) but offers something that customers really look for on these night markets; seats! Imagine yourself ordering from a food truck and after you order; you can easily find a seat and sit comfortably while your food is being cooked.

Off the Grid Basket O' Rings

Off the Grid Basket O’ Rings – PHP 75
Crispy fried onion rings, seasoned with Off the Grid’s fry seasoning and ketchup

For our appetizers; we had a basket of onion rings. I was looking forward for a customized dip but they don’t have one so we used ketchup.

Off the Grid Ms Cheechi Quesadilla

Off the Grid Ms Cheechi Quesadilla – PHP 165
Chicken, mozzarella, cheddar cheese sauce, & garlic

They have three choices for their quesadilla (pork, beef or chicken) and we got the chicken as our next orders already covers the pork and beef part. I enjoyed their quesadilla because it was very cheesy and you can really taste the sliced chicken. In an order, you get 4 pieces and I’m sure I could finish all by myself; then ask for more!

Off the Grid Couch Potato Sandwich

Off the Grid Couch Potato Sandwich – PHP 195
US Angus 1/3 lb beef patty, bacon, fried egg, tomato, onion, cabbage relish, cheddar cheese sauce, in a milk bread bun

We also ordered the couch potato sandwich which I call; breakfast in bread! Challenging to eat especially when the egg yolk starts to flow. This is a filling sandwich / burger and I wasn’t able to finish all (ate everything except the bottom bun). It does taste good (juicy patty) at the start but as it cools down; the yummy flavor dies down too (umay).

Off the Grid Yokozuna Sandwich

Off the Grid Yokozuna Sandwich – PHP 175
Panko crumbed, cheddar cheese stuffed pork patty, cabbage, japanese bbq sauce, sesame dressing, in a warm bun

We also ordered the Yokozuna or we can call this the katsu sandwich. The only thing (which was a major thing) that prevented us from fully enjoying this dish would be the small amount of bbq sauce that it came with. Think of katsu without the tonkatsu sauce; it wouldn’t feel complete and we feel the same applies to their Yokozuna Sandwich.

Off the Grid Caramel Smoothie

Off the Grid Caramel Smoothie – PHP 95

I would have wanted to try their Choco Banana Smoothie but alas… it wasn’t available so I settled for the next best thing (in my own biased preference) which would be the Caramel Smoothie! Very generous servings of ice cream, milk and caramel syrup; perfect!

Off the Grid offers affordable meals and I’m glad to have tried their delicious quesadillas. While the sandwiches weren’t that memorable for us; I’m still looking forward to trying out their sandwich that’s oozing with cheese appeal; Uncle Sam.

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Off The Grid
The Venice Pizza
G/F The Venice Piazza , Upper Mckinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(0917) 831-0507

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