Grilla Filipino Cuisine

Grilla Filipino Cuisine

Grilla Filipino Cuisine

Grilla Bar & Grill, a go to place near Rockwell, re-brands itself as Grilla Filipino Cuisine to cater more to wider crowd of people that includes families, friends or just a group who wants to enjoy Filipino cooking where alcohol is optional. They have renovated their interiors to give it a more casual restaurant setting.

Backyard Flavored Liqueurs

Grilla Backyard Flavored Liqueurs

Prior to our dinner, they showcased to us their home-made Vodka mix drinks called Backyard Flavored Liqueurs made by one of their Chefs. These come in different flavors such as Dalandan, Tarragon, Basil Calamansi, Rosemary and Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

Grilla Backyard Flavored Liqueurs - Dalandan

Since I was driving, I only took one shot of Dalandan. It was sure to get your cheeks, throat and stomach hot! No chaser needed.

Dinner is Served!

Grilla Tofu and Sigarilyas Sisig

Grilla Tofu and Sigarilyas Sisig – PHP 145

The healthy sisig because tofu was used. My only problem was it breached my spiciness threshold.

Grilla Chicharon Cebu

Grilla Chicharon Cebu – PHP 160

Lechon Liempo, sliced very thinly then deep fried! There’s a crunch in every bite. Even if you will not dip it into the sinamak (vinegar mixed with spices), the chicharon was already very flavorful.

Grilla Inihaw na Manok na Sinampalukan

Grilla Inihaw na Manok na Sinampalukan – PHP 225

I have tried sinampalukan na manok before but this would be the first time I’ve tried this with a twist. Instead of adding chicken directly while making the soup, the chicken was grilled prior. Although not that obvious but I tasted hints of grilled taste in the chicken. The soup? Delicious!

Grilla Lechon Liempo Ala Cebu

Grilla Lechon Liempo Ala Cebu – PHP 850/kilo

This one needs no introduction and it comes with two dips, lechon sauce and sinamak.

Grilla Beef Kansi

Grilla Beef Kansi – PHP 345

The result of mixing sinigang and bulalo in one dish. The only difference in their version would be the added spiciness. I like my kansi sour though.

Note: This came from Iloilo right? Although it was mentioned that it is a specialty from Negros.

Grilla Inadobong Tilapia sa Gata and Sili

Grilla Inadobong Tilapia sa Gata and Sili – PHP 225

Deboned; something great for this dish and for those who wants to dig in immediately. I wasn’t able to really enjoy the sauce as the fried tilapia taste was able to overpower it though.

Grilla Ilocos Dinuydoy

Grilla Ilocos Dinuydoy – PHP 135 / PHP 200 if with Bagnet

This would be the first I tried this and I fell in love with it. Delicious mashed squash (sweet) with slices of ampalaya (bitter) topped with crispy / juicy bagnet. It is a meal on its own!

Grilla Poqui Poqui

Grilla Poqui Poqui

Another veggie dish from Ilocos. Although I’m a fan of eggplant, I prefer tortang talong so I wasn’t able to fully appreciate this dish.

Grilla Grill-a-palayok

Maya Maya, Mussels, Shrimps, Clams, Thinly Sliced Beef and Pork Shortplate, cooked over very hot stones served with pork-lemon grass broth, sinamak, Grilled Eggplant and Nilasing na Mangga

Grill – A – Palayok – PHP 695

A unique dish by Grilla; Cooking via hot stone! Different kinds of meat were added into a pot with hot stones at the bottom. The heat from the stone cooks the food and all you have to do was to get the meat that you want. There were many ways to eat it; You can eat it on its own, add the side-dishes as a topping or pair it with them or you can place the meat into a bowl and pour the broth on it.

Grilla Halo Halo Spring Rolls

Grilla Halo Halo Spring Rolls – PHP 135

and here’s our dessert. A mix of hot and cold as the spring rolls contain the ingredients of halo-halo and topped with ice cream. Yummy but I just found it weird that the ice cream leaves an aftertaste.

I believe that the shift to cater to more types of customers was a great move by Grilla. Instead of opening only during at night for the party people, they can now open during lunch and early dinner for families and friends to enjoy a affordable food trip around the Philippines.

Disclosure: Grilla paid for our meal

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Grilla Bar & Grill / Grilla Filipino Cuisine
8491 Kalayaan Ave.
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 899-8775

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