Grocery Shopping at Waltermart Makati via City Delivery


Grocery Shopping at Waltermart Makati via City Delivery

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Food Delivery. A very good friend of mine especially since cooking and I aren’t on speaking terms. It has been my lifesaver on days where I want to eat something that’s not from a can or over the counter. However, it’s a problem when you have many restaurants to order from because you need to keep track of all their phone numbers. Gladly, there’s a service provider who caters specifically for this need and that’s City Delivery.

Think of City Delivery as your personal helper who will show you a listing of restaurants with their corresponding menus. The good thing about this is… you only need to dial one number; 87878 which is their hotline. Lately, I got to know that City Delivery has expanded beyond food. You can now do grocery shopping via City Delivery! Imagine that!

Grocery Shopping is one my regular activities and this new service by City Delivery is something that I’d like to try out. For those living in Makati; Waltermart is the partner of City Delivery in that area.

So here’s my experience in trying it out.

  1. I logged into my City Delivery account and navigated to the City Grocer Portion straight to Waltermart Makati.
  2. From there, I checked out every item they have on their virtual shelves and started clicking the items that I want.
  3. After completing everything, I submitted my order and waited…
  4. …for a call from City Delivery.The first call was to inform me that they have received my order and will coordinate with Waltermart to check the availability of the items (yes, it is possible that some items on the website are not available at that time).

    The second call was to confirm the availability of the items that I ordered. We also discussed how payment will be (e.g. cash, COD) and how long it would take to deliver.

  5. In about an hour or two, City Delivery arrives; bringing two boxes where my groceries were packed.


  • Only selected brands will be available (if you compare it to the actual experience of doing grocery shopping at Waltermart itself).
  • However, you have a variety of items to choose from which includes their special Christmas packages, food (breakfast, seafood, frozen, snacks), house hold items, toiletries, and even party items.
  • Minimum for delivery would be PHP 3000. If you don’t reach that amount, you will have to pay PHP 65 extra
  • Delivery Charge is 10% of your bill
  • Waltermart Makati via City Delivery will deliver within 3 hours.

Overall, the experience was great! It was very convenient and very easy to use. I’m really glad that City Delivery has started offering this service as this should really help save time for the routine activities (e.g. save time, save on gas, save on parking) that we do in life. From an hour or two I usually spend on grocery shopping; it was cut to 20 minutes. Of course, doing it by yourself is still a different experience.

Disclosure: The groceries were sponsored by City Delivery. 

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