Hana Restaurant in Little Tokyo

Hana Restaurant in Little Tokyo

Hana Restaurant

We have been talking about visiting Little Tokyo at Makati for a while now but that plan just materialized lately. Little Tokyo can be found along Pasong Tamo and the entrance can be identified with an arch. It houses several Japanese restaurants with each of their own specialties. For this post, we are going to be talking about Hana (means a flower in English) Restaurant and their speciality; Takoyaki.

Hana Restaurant Salmon Cream Cheese Roll


Hana Restaurant Salmon Cream Cheese Roll – PHP 240

We started our meal with an interesting mix; Raw Salmon + Cream Cheese together. I’m not a fan of raw food so I’m really glad that the cream cheese was creamy enough to mask the feeling I get when eating raw.



Hana Restaurant Shouyu Ramen

Hana Restaurant Shouyu Ramen – PHP 200

We also tried their ramen and to be safe, picked Shouyo Ramen. Sadly, it was too safe and very simple.

Hana Restaurant Yakisoba

Hana Restaurant Yakisoba – PHP 220

What the Shouyo Ramen lacked in taste; the Yakisoba made up for it. It’s a mix of noodles, veggies, pork, bonito flakes and gari (young ginger). It also looks very simple where all the ingredients were just mixed together but it was very tasty. The veggies were crunchy, noodles was elastic and the bonito flakes finished off any doubt I had about it. Just a warning though; it is oily so either eat it fast or enjoy your new lip gloss.

Hana Restaurant Shishamo


Hana Restaurant Shishamo – PHP 180

I ordered this one out of curiosity. Shishamo is the name of the fish and it’s literally a grilled fish. You can eat everything from head to tail. You dip it in toyomansi and devour it like a bear. That’s it really; curiosity satisfied.


Hana Restaurant Takoyaki


Hana Restaurant Takoyaki – PHP 120

…and here we have the specialty of the house; their famous takoyaki. At first glance, I was like… that’s huge! This has got to be the biggest takoyaki I’ve eaten. I usually eat takoyakis in one bite but for Hana’s Takoyaki, it takes me two bites.

I loved everything about it! From the Japanese Mayo, sweet sauce, bonito flakes outside and the creamy and (slimy) filling inside. You can really feel the small tentacles that would remind of squid in every bite. I would go back to Hana just for this alone!

Hana Restaurant Shaved Ice


Hana Restaurant Shaved Ice – PHP 90

To end our meal, we had shaved ice. It was literally shaved ice with flavoring and milk. Very simple yet yummy. I guess it had something to do with the ice perfectly shaved.

We came to Hana mainly due to the Takoyaki and it didn’t disappoint. With that, we can cross Hana off our list from Little Tokyo and go on to the next restaurant soon.

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Little Tokyo
Don Chino Roces Ave
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 339-3855


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