Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012


(Kaboom for 2012! – Thanks Jessa for the shirt!)

Hello everyone!

How time flies! 2011 is over and we are now entering 2012. So how did you spend your Christmas season? For us, we spent it on daily pig outs and I blame that for my recent weight gain. We celebrated my Grandfather’s 80th birthday and it was a blast with lots of food, entertainment and something, hard drinks! I need training on those as I had a hard time drinking them.

So what happened to “Stop Look and Capture” this past year? I made a similar post like this at the start of 2011 and let’s review. I did say we were going to write more food posts in a consistent manner and I believe we managed to do the “write more food posts” part pretty well. Consistent? Hmm something to bring into 2012’s goals again. My camera suffered two big falls this year (one in June and one yesterday [12-31-11]) and I’m glad that it didn’t affect my food shots because I can still do macro shots. The zooming ability however has been crippled.

Now let us move on to stats Smile

  • 151 posts were written (73% increase!!!)
  • 249 comments were posted –not counting Facebook comments (79% increase!!!)
  • December 2011 had an average of 970 views per day versus 256 as of December 2010 (279% increase!!!!!)
  • Most page views in 1 day was 1,588 on November 28, 2011 ~ thanks to the Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenderentry.
  • Attended more blogging events this year and made real life blogger friends!

In terms of income,

  • I earned $34 from AdSense ads. (~applied to blog at the last week of September)
  • I also earned from Nuffnang, Foodie Blogroll and Infolinks although not very much.

Overall, 2011 was a good year for my food blog, Stop Look and Capture. Traffic has increased tremendously and I hope to maintain that level of growth (or at least, maintain the level of visits). I’m starting to earn money from this blog and I believe that my food shots are getting better (raising one’s confidence). The number of posts have also increase due to the fact that I now live alone so I buy a lot of food, my parents visit us in Manila a lot and I go out in a lot of dates that includes food trips with my girl friend, Jessa Lah. I have also been an avid buyer of group buying coupons that magically turns into blog posts. But of course, this success wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the support of my family and friends, search engine visitors and Jessa.

In 2012, I look forward to the same goals; more growth, food and enjoyment!

Till next time,


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