Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2013 - Allen

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! Happy 2014! So how are you today?

It has been a tradition for me to write a review of how the blog was doing during the past year and let me start with that. First, stats!

  • 106 posts were written (15% decrease!!!)
  • 1598 comments were posted (356% increase!!!)
  • December 2013 had 528 pageviews a day vs 1125 of December 2012. (53% decrease!!!)
  • Most page views in a day was on March 14 thanks to the Starbucks Menu entry.

The number of posts and page views were down this year and that instantly gives me a new goal for 2014. Whereas, I’d like to thank everyone who left comments in my blog as it was really appreciated. Hope this trend continues!

As with last year, I’d also like to give a shout-out to all the fellow bloggers and PR companies for including me in your 2013 either through gatherings, invites and other promotions. Thank you very much! :)

So what’s next for 2014? More food! More fun! More enjoyment! More giveaways! But if things go well, I’d like to add a new category to the blog which would be named… cooking/recipes. It is still a dream for me but with my recent purchase of an induction cooker; it made that dream easier to grasp.

Also, I want a template change to give the blog a new look. As design is not my forte, I need help on this one so if you can refer someone, I’d be very happy and of course, we can discuss monetary matters in private ;)

As for now, let’s continue to enjoy the vacation and regular programming resumes next week!

Till next time,


One thought on “Happy New Year 2014

  1. Happy New Year Allen! :) With the template thingie, I think I know someone who can help you. ;)

So what can you say? :)