Heaven and Eggs Dinner

Heaven and Eggs Dinner

Heaven and Eggs

It’s a bit of a challenge to look for a new place to eat in Glorietta when Jessa and I are always there. But for this meal, we decided to eat at Heaven and Eggs. Heaven and Eggs used to be a very light place where everything is very bright and relaxing but since then, they have renovated and took on a rock and roll theme. Nothing against that but the name Heaven and Eggs reminds me of breakfast and it doesn’t quite match with their current ambiance. But that’s just me. So we browsed through the menu and here were our orders.

Heaven and Eggs Dory Fillet Heaven and Eggs Dory Fillet 2

Dory Fillet – 295.00

This was pretty plain that to be honest, disappointing. It tasted normal (bland if you don’t put lemon).

Heaven and Eggs Manila Ribs 2011 Heaven and Eggs Manila Ribs 2011 2

Manila Ribs 2011 – 325.00

Yum Yum! Baby back ribs in BBQ sauce and java rice equals satisfaction! The ribs were very tender that you can easily scrape them off the bone (just like how ribs should be). The java rice is a perfect complement to BBQ sauce and they did it well here. It comes with salty egg and crunchy (fried) egg.

Heaven and Eggs Rock U Like Hurricane

Rock U Like Hurricane – 365.00

This was tenderloin steak wrapped in bacon. I requested for the steak to be cooked medium but the request got ignored because I got a almost well-done steak. I would think that the cooking was uneven because there were parts that were pink, parts that were brown and partial bacon strips that got burnt. However, taste-wise, it was ok on it’s own but gravy and A1 sauce helps! It comes with mini sunny side up eggs (quail eggs?) and mushrooms.

Overall, our dinner was enjoyable thanks to the bbq ribs! They are a bit pricey (around PHP200 – PHP400 per order) but if we get to enjoy the food and the place, we won’t complain. Btw, they also offer a buffet so I’ll try it out one of these days.

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Heaven and Eggs, Glorietta 4
Unit 104 G/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 818-2792

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7 thoughts on “Heaven and Eggs Dinner

  1. Like you, I prefer the old ambience and I love their Manila Ribs!

    • +1 to the “I want the old ambiance back”? :) I agree, the ribs weren’t expected because I thought they were only good for breakfast entries. hehe

  2. Dory looked nice…I guess looks can be deceiving :p

    Yeah liked the original setup/decor of Heaven ‘N Eggs, before they became H&E Rockstar

    I used to order their roast beef, forgot what it was called but it tasted good I think

    • Cream dory’s nowadays are overrated :D

      Another +1 to the “old ambiance” hehe

      You mean this?
      Roast Beefin’ on the Edge295.00Slow roasted beef slices, served with mashed potato, buttered vegetables and thick gravy

  3. ohh.. this is my treat! tutor earnings *proud*

  4. tried H&E once but didnt like it so we never came back. heheq

So what can you say? :)