Heaven and Eggs Steaks Unlimited

Heaven and Eggs Steaks Unlimited

Heaven and Eggs Steaks Unlimited

We were planning to dine at Dad’s,Saisaki, Kamayan but given that we only have 1 hour left before their buffet closes and we were still in the waiting list, we decided to eat somewhere and that somewhere was Heaven and Eggs. Before entering the restaurant, we saw this huge banner that says, “Steaks Unlimited for Only PHP799++”. We asked about it and they say that they offer 250 grams of Rib Eye steak per serving. It sounds like a good deal right so we went for it!

But before we start on the steaks, allow me to show you what my mother and sister ordered.

Heaven and Eggs Oatmeal Cheese Risotto with Grilled Chicken Fillet

Oatmeal Cheese Risotto with Grilled Chicken Fillet

Heaven and Eggs Breakfast Chicken Teriyaki

Breakfast Chicken Teriyaki

Ok! Now bring it on!!!

Heaven and Eggs Steaks Unlimited Rib Eye Steak

For your first initial order, you will be asked what sidings do you want with the steak? You can choose from rice, mashed potatoes or vegetables. Their delicious gravy will also be served with it or you can use A1 or Worcestershire sauce (I still can’t pronounce it properly).

Heaven and Eggs Steaks Unlimited Rib Eye Steak 2

I had my steaks cooked medium so that it will not lose its juiciness. The steak was showered with pepper and it is not absent of fat. The taste is quite good while it is hot but if you wait too long as the restaurant had a good air-conditioning system, the steak would lose it’s flavor when it’s not hot anymore. The tenderness of the steak was inconsistent because there were parts that were soft and easy to cut while there were other parts that requires a bit of strength and patience to cut and chew. In terms of serving time, they suggested to us that we call their attention once we were already 50% done with our steaks for a refill. However, in reality, we need to call their attention immediately after a steak has been placed in our plate because they have long cooking time (especially if there are other diners in the restaurant and it doesn’t matter if they had availed of steaks unlimited or not).

Heaven and Eggs Steaks Unlimited Rib Eye Steak 3

At the end, I was able to finish 5 plates (well, 4 and a half to be exact) while my bro and bro-in-law finished 6. With that, I say that we got our money’s worth.

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Heaven and Eggs, Glorietta 4
Unit 104 G/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 818-2792

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8 thoughts on “Heaven and Eggs Steaks Unlimited

  1. Wow.. that’s a lot of steaks! Do they offer one cut, or you can choose what you want, too?

    • Hi Jenn, yes, really a lot. lol I was so full!
      Hmm they told us it was rib-eye so one cut only (is rib-eye a cut?hehe I need to brush up on my steak knowledge).

  2. we didnt go back to H&E after we tried it once (when it was still newly opened) coz we didn’t like their food =(

    • is this the H&E before? or the renovated one? because some of their menu items changed. :)

    • Hi Ms u8mypinkcookies,

      I know that first impressions last, but I believe its about time to give our store
      a second chance. Maybe right now we already have a chance to
      captivate your taste buds. Thank you and more power to your blog.

      -aL of H&E

  3. I’ve passed by Heaven and Eggs recently and I was surprised to see that they have changed the color of their walls. It was black before and now, it’s a mix of striped yellow and white.

    • hmm I didn’t notice that lol. I only recently returned to heaven and eggs and the last time I was there, they had a different theme. :) Perhaps, the color was too dark for family gatherings?

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