Racks Lunch on my Birthday

Heavy Lunch at Racks on my Birthday

May 22, 2010

The first of the 4 heavy meals I had on my birthday. Our initial target was to go to Yakimix but upon visiting it in Macapagal Area (full) then on SM Mall (MOA) of Asia (just 20minutes left till closing of lunch buffet), we decided to eat at Yakimix’s neighbor in MOA which happens to be Racks.

After discussing for a while, we decided on our orders.

  1. Racks Family Platter [Chicken and Ribs]
  2. Racks Baby Ribs [Half Slab]
  3. Racks Salmon (to be edited, forgot the real name)

Here’s the pictures of our meal and the review will be below although I’m really at a lost of words so I hope the pictures can tell you the story.

Racks Family Platter [Chicken and Ribs]

This is a good deal. You will get three different dishes, two big sized side dishes and one pitcher of iced tea. Our only problem was, we ran out of Ice Tea but we had a hard time finishing the meal.

To break it down, we got :

  1. Half Slab of Beef Ribs
  2. Half Slab of Racks Classic Pork Ribs
  3. Half Hickory Smoked Chicken – Thumbs up for this one! This is really tasty. It also had the feeling of “falling off the bone” as there were no hard parts and I just need to scrape it softly and the chicken meat would separate from the bone.
  4. [Sidedish] Racks Baked Beans
  5. [Sidedish] Coleslaw
  6. 1 Pitcher of Ice Tea

Racks Baby Ribs [Half Slab]

I suggested this one because I remember that this is the one that is very soft and tender compared to Beef Ribs and Classic Pork Ribs. The taste is also great especially when you add their Racks Barbeque sauce. I only use the original sauce because I’m not too fond of hot sauces (but others say it is good). My favorite among the three ribs/racks they are serving.

Racks Salmon

This is what my mother ordered because she avoids’ red meat (she did not eat any of those delicious, mouth watering ribs =( ) . I only forgot to grab a taste of this Salmon because I was in Rib heaven.

How to enjoy your meal at Racks?

Order any type of Ribs you want (we ordered all three variations to taste them all), add some side dishes and then when eating, dip those ribs into their Rack’s sauce (original or spicy) and prepare be full and satisfied in a few minutes.

This is the first of the meals we had last weekend. More coming soon. :)

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Racks, SM Mall of Asia
G/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Central Business Park , Bay City
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-4786 to 87

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2 thoughts on “Racks Lunch on my Birthday

  1. rib heaven indeed.darn. it was a long time ago since i ate at racks..but i remember it was good..very very good..

  2. JAMIE SICLAT says:

    I just ate at RACKS MEGA MALL today and ordered a HALF SLAB of ribs. I was given a 3-inch nearly square TOUCH piece of meat. When I asked the waiter on duty if that was TRULY what the restaurant called a HALF SLAB he said yes… seeing my unbelief (and frustration) the manager approached. Upon asking her the same question she confirmed that the 2 and a half bones in between the meat I was served was indeed what RACKS called a HALF SLAB…
    I DON’T GET IT. What would a 3-inch almost square piece of meat be HALF OF????? A cow who jumped over the moon nursery rhyme???

So what can you say? :)