Hen Lin Siomai

Hen Lin Siomai

Hen Lin

July 28, 2010

I have heard good reviews of Hen Lin Siomai so I gave it a try one evening where I was lazy to go around to look for food. Hen Lin is just right down below where I live so it is very convenient for me.

I ordered two orders (yes I was hungry) and ate them in my room.

Hen Lin Beef Siomai

Hen Lin Beef Siomai Meal – PHP 51

Hen Lin Sharksfin Siomai

Hen Lin Sharksfin Siomai Meal – PHP 51

Hen Lin Sharksfin Siomai Rice Meal

I happily ate both of these meals but I have to admit, it left me wanting more as I did not get the satisfaction I was expecting. There was nothing extra ordinary about their siomai where it would make you say, “omg delicious!”. It is kind of dry already (maybe it is because I ordered it evening time so it is more of their leftovers), that it made eating it with rice hard and I wished I had soup to go with it. However, the rice was good.

Since they are just so near me, I’ll give them another try next time to compare if it is just the time when I bought it or I’m not just a fan of their siomai.

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4 thoughts on “Hen Lin Siomai

  1. Allen, ang sarap nito.. waaa namiss ko bigla Henlin… huhu =(

  2. I love Hen Lin Siomai compared to other siomai’s that I have tasted pero I have not tried eating it with rice…for me di kasi sya pang-ulam. =)

    • ohh haha I guess you are right. It tastes weird with rice actually. The rice has it’s own distinct flavor then it clashes with the siomai’s flavor hehe

So what can you say? :)