House of Minis has different prices per branch

House of Minis Price Differences

House of Minis T-Bone

See my post of house of minis glorietta if you want a review :)

This is just a little chit chat from me.

So far, I have eaten at three branches of House of Minis and one thing I have noticed was that they have different prizes for the same steak that are available.

Here’s a little breakdown.

House of Minis Glorietta


3/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila


PHP 150 – 300


Includes soup, rice or dinner rolls, and vegetables on your order.


Food court setting where you pay as your order. Ambiance is dependent on the cleanliness of the food court which is out of their control.


House of Minis Greenhills


1/L Shoppesville , Unit 75/76/77, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila


PHP 200 – 400


Includes soup, dinner rolls, salad and ice cream of coffee


Since it is their own place, they already have an ambiance but the lighting is very dark. It is hard to take pictures here. Restaurant setting where you will order and they will bring the food to you.


House of Minis Pasig


104 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Brgy. Ugong
Pasig City, Metro Manila


PHP 350 – 500


Includes soup, dinner roles, salad and ice cream or coffee


Similar to the greenhills branch but the place has more ambiance. It already looks like a fine dining restaurant and you have more choices in the menu like pasta, appetizers, sandwiches, and many more.


However, I’m just after their steak so I don’t need those additional stuffs so I will stick with the Glorietta branch. But if I’m going to be bringing a date, then I will go with ambiance even if there’s an increase in price (you are paying for the ambiance).

What about you?

Till next time,


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5 thoughts on “House of Minis has different prices per branch

  1. Wow! This is very handy! I’ve been planning to try House of Minis in Pasig out of curiosity since I always see it when I’m on my way to Makati. Good thing I read this. Now I can try the Glorietta 4 branch instead since it’s cheaper and more accessible!
    Thanks for this wonderful information! :)

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So what can you say? :)