I Love Backyard BBQ Lunch at Boracay

I Love Backyard BBQ Lunch at Boracay

I Love Backyard BBQ

With our location so very near D’Mall, finding a place to eat in Boracay was a bit of a challenge not because we don’t have a place to eat but because, there were so many places to eat and as much as we wanted to try them all, we can’t. As much as possible, we wanted to eat in a place where you can find it only in Boracay and doesn’t have branches in Manila. We picked I Love Backyard BBQ as our place for lunch and we would later discover that it has a branch in Makati. Mission Failed.

I Love Backyard BBQ is an open air restaurant and their specialty is sizzling dishes. While waiting for your food, you can browse through the funny quotes at the walls coupled with pictures of their satisfied customers. I had a lot of fun reading those quotes because as a meat lover myself, I can really relate to them.

I Love Backyard BBQ Dad's Famous Bulalo Steak

I Love Backyard BBQ Dad’s Favorite Bulalo Steak – PHP 290

Based on our research, this would be their best seller. I was torn between getting the sizzling baby back ribs (PHP 299), the best pork belly (PHP 180) or Dad’s Favorite Bulalo Steak (PHP 290). In the end, my bias towards bulalo decided for me.

Upon serving, I couldn’t hide the disappointment from my face as I was paying PHP 290 for a small piece of beef shank in a sizzling plate with sunny side up egg and gravy. I had no problems with the taste as the beef was tender and easy to cut while the gravy really complimented the beef. It was a welcome variation to the bulalo in sinigang soup that I like. If only they served a bigger chunk then I would be very happy.

I Love Backyard BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Special

I Love Backyard BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Special – PHP 185

The first time I tried pulled pork was at Chubby’s Rib Shack so I can do a bit of comparison. Compared to Chubby’s, I Love Backyard BBQ’s version was longer and had thicker “shreds” (paper shredder). This would affect on how chewable it is because of the thickness. Flavor-wise, their pulled pork was sweet and juicy that in a way, it reminds me of Adobo (the presence of the egg sealed the deal).

We had a good meal from I Love Backyard BBQ but I can’t shake off the feeling that I should have tried another dish instead of the bulalo steak. Oh well, there’s always another vacation trip back to Boracay in the future!

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I Love Backyard BBQ

Station 2, D’ Mall
Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan

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  1. I’ve seen this place on our last Boracay trip but hadn’t had the chance to try it out. The Bulalo Steak looks really good :)

  2. Haven’t been to Boracay, but I want to try the Bulalo Steak!

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