Iloilo Pasalubong – Recommended Pasalubong to Buy and Bring Home

Iloilo Pasalubong – Recommended Pasalubong to Buy and Bring Home

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As a proud Ilonggo, I’d like to share with you my personal recommendations for pasalubong that you should take home when you visit Iloilo. Sadly, batchoy isn’t one of them as it is best served hot but check out this post to know the recommended places to eat in Iloilo :)

I used to buy all my pasalubong from Original Biscocho Haus as they house a lot of products like Biscocho, Butterscotch, Piyaya, Otap, Tarts, Barquillos and many more! But lately, I have started to explore and try out other brands.

Wewin's Special Biscocho

Biscocho (Wewin’s)

Biskotso (Spanish: ”bizcocho”, “biscuit”) refers to baked bread topped with butter and sugar, or garlic, in some cases.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of Biscocho but I had friends who request this as a pasalubong. Think of it as a sweet and crunchy toasted bread that you can dip in your drinks.

The Biscocho House Butterscotch

Butterscotch (Old Biscocho Haus)

This one I like! Soft, Chewy and Sweet; these little bars get consumed fast that you have to buy them in their bigger packaging or they would just disappear from your table in mere seconds.

RGies Delicacies Butterscotch

If you want to try butterscotch in different flavors, try out RGies Delicacies. I have personally tried the mango and the choco oats version and it was a very warm change to the usual flavor.

Bong Bong's Ube Piaya

Piaya (Bong Bong’s)

Flat bread with yummy fillings! I bought one from Bong Bong’s and after a bite, I was asking myself “Why did I just try this now?”. I have been buying piaya from a different source before but Bong Bong’s version blows them off! You can really taste the freshness and you can see the ube jam ooze out when you press on the piaya (the fillings for other brands were already dry).

Btw, piaya is a delicacy from Negros so thank you for bringing it to Iloilo.

JD Bakeshop Revel Bar

Revel Bar (JD Bakeshop)

Raved about this before in my JD Bakeshop Bar Goodness post :) My alternative to the butterscotch. Nutty, Chewy and chocolatey brownie bars!

So there you have it! My personal recommendations! Hope you try them out when visiting Iloilo!

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PS: definitions are from Wikipedia

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