Iloilo Places to Eat

Iloilo Places to Eat

Iloilo Places to Eat

I think it is about time that I wrote about Iloilo. When my friends ask me on what are the things you can do in Iloilo; it makes me pause for a while and think… “ano nga ba?“. Iloilo is home to a lot of churches dating back in the Spanish colony era and what else? Lots of good food! So old churches and food trip; that would be my answer to that question. Thank you! Bow!

So let us talk about food. Iloilo is home to the famous Lapaz Batchoy so it would be a must-try when you visit. Also, seafood is very abundant here so if you love seafood, you shouldn’t miss them. Let’s have a list shall we…

Lapaz Batchoy

goes well with pandesal; dip, slurp and gobble. 

  1. Ted’s Old Timer Lapaz Batchoy – was synonymous to Lapaz batchoy until other competitors managed to catch up
  2. Deco’s Lapaz Batchoy 

Seafood / Manokan Combo

  1. Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood (post 2)- Famous for their native lechon manok; but I go here mainly for their boneless bangus
  2. Breakthrough (or Ponsyon) – sizzling crabmeat should be a must order. Try also the grilled red snapper (managat)
  3. Erning’s Manokan – Similar menu to the previous two.
  4. Stanley’s Talabahan


  1. Hotel del Rio – Usually our Saturday dinner place where we pig out on roast beef and crepes till they run out (sometimes)
  2. Promenade by Days Hotel – Buffet isn’t always available but when it is, go for their paluto and huge variety of desserts


if you are into fried chicken, steaks, burgers, pizza… 

  1. Afrique’s – Go for their pizzas and steaks! Yum!
  2. Uncle Tom’s –  used to be Grandma’s and as a boy, I would live a week eating only rice and an order of chicken skin. Not anymore! :D
  3. Cafe Laguna


  1. Biscocho Haus – Biscocho, butter scotch, piyaya and many more
  2. JD Bakeshop – assorted bars and now with macarons!
  3. Bong Bong’s Piyaya – Originally from Bacolod. Get your fix of Piyaya and Barquillos.
  4. Rgies – Not your ordinary butterscotch. They have a lot of flavors such as with mango chips, chocooats and walnuts. (Facebook)

To be Categorized

  1. Mamagan – Chinese food. Owned by my Grandma. :)
  2. Moon Cafe – Mexican cuisine; originally from Cebu
  3. Pat Pat Kansi – Ilonggo version of Bulalo. Must try at least once. (Review of Manila Branch)

I’m going home to Iloilo next week so I’ll update this post more! Watch out for it! :D

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