Ilonggo Grill Blue Marlin and Batchoy

Ilonggo Grill Blue Marlin and Batchoy


Jessa and I originally planned to eat at … I forgot the name resto near the office but we didn’t have much time so we opted to eat the Landmark food court instead for some fast food. When we stopped by Ilonggo Grill, I saw some blue marlins and I immediately had the craving for it. Jessa wanted to try their batchoy as well so we agreed to order there.

Ilonggo Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin – PHP 115

This would be the first time I ordered something from Ilonggo grill that’s not part of their value meals (e.g. porkchop with monggo for only PHP65) . Looks can be deceiving because at first glance, it looks nice and juicy. However, once you dig in, it would be the opposite because the fish meat was hard. I guess I should stick with their values meals? LoL

Ilonggo Grill Batchoy

Batchoy – PHP 75?

It comes with the usual ingredients of chicharon, pork, liver and free egg. It had the right amount of saltiness that’s expected of batchoy and the noodles were good. Since they carry the name “Ilonggo”, Ilonggo grill didn’t disappoint on their batchoy taste. However, they still have lesser servings of the ingredients if you compare it to the ones from Iloilo.

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Ilonggo Grill, The Landmark
The Landmark
Makati Ave., Ayala Center Makati
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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