Impromptu Dinner at The Promenade – Days Hotel Iloilo

Impromptu Dinner at The Promenade – Days Hotel Iloilo

The Promenade

After going through a long anticipated mass for Easter Sunday, it was already late we were looking for someplace to eat and we decided to eat somewhere near and it was at the Promenade.

April 3, 2010

The Promenade is located at the fourth floor of the Atrium. It is already part of Day’s hotel there. Usually when we go there, we go for their buffet which people with a sweet tooth would like because they have overflowing desserts! However, when we got there, we saw a notice that in observance of the Holy Week, they will not be serving buffet but it will be A La Carte.

Well, what does it mean? It means that we are going to be having an expensive dinner as hotel food is usually expensive. When I looked at the menu, the price range is around PHP200 to PHP500 for the dishes but if you go for the imported steaks, then it is more expensive. I did not manage to take down the prices so I only have food pictures of our dinner at The Promenade.

I forgot their names and their prices. I’m very much sorry about this.

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  1. salmon and steak? :p

So what can you say? :)