Inasal Joe

Inasal Joe

Inasal Joe Meal C

After pumping some iron at Gold’s Gym in Glorietta, we went to landmark food court to replenish our nutrients. I had a craving for seafood at that time so we checked for possible food stalls there that would fit. Our choices were Davao Tuna Grill, Sizzling Seafoods and Inasal Joe. We went with Inasal Joe this time as we have already tried Davao Tuna Grill’s set meal (where the seafood was on the soup) and Sizzling Seafoods doesn’t offer group meals.

Above, you can see what we ordered. It was named set meal C and it contains the following.

Inasal Joe Meal C Bangus

Inasal Joe Grilled Bangus

The grilled bangus was juicy and had this normal bangus taste. I think they just used a normal marinate of calamansi (citrus fruit) and soy sauce for this. However, I can say that this would be my favorite among the bangus dishes I have tried in the food court based on taste and satisfaction while eating it.

Inasal Joe Meal C Porkchop

Inasal Joe Pork Chop

The pork chop was a bit bland for my taste where it can be remedied by dipping it in your very own made sauce. At first, I thought it was harder to chop compared to the other pork chop meals at the food court but I noticed that it had a more “thicker” serving (not too much though).

Molo Soup and Garlic Rice.

The molo soup (Pansit Molo) had two meatballs (molo) on it and the soup tasted more like the soup for batchoy which made it salty. I think they just use the same soup when serving molo soup or batchoy. I want my molo soup to be less salty and have more molo! It still felt nostalgic for me because it has been a while since I had both (where I only get to eat at Iloilo).

For a price of PHP180, this was a good buy!

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Location: (Closed)

Inasal Joe, The Landmark
The Landmark
Makati Ave., Ayala Center Makati
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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