Inasal Joe’s Batchoy

Inasal Joe’s Batchoy

Inasal Joe's BatchoyI was at LandMark, Makati one evening and was looking for a place to grab a quick snack after doing my groceries. I saw Inasal Joe and was curious of their batchoy. I was thinking that since they got featured in Spot.Ph Top 10 Batchoy in Manila, they must be good right so let’s test it.

Inasal Joe's Batchoy

Inasal Joe’s Batchoy – PHP 65.00

I observed how they prepared the batchoy. They added the noodles behind the scenes then at the counter, they added some small beef/pork and liver cubes, chicharon, garlic, and sliced leek. They would then add the soup broth and the egg.

So how did this one taste? My first sip of the soup was met with a “salty” reaction. We usually add soy sauce to the batchoy to make it more salty but in this case, you don’t need to do that anymore. I quickly mixed the egg in so that it would help reduce the saltiness. The noodles were good! It gave me a nostalgic feeling of eating batchoy during late Sunday afternoons at Iloilo however, my enjoyment would stop there. Since they were chopped to small pieces, I couldn’t taste very the meat and liver cubes in there and that’s something I usually look forward to eating liver in batchoy. However, a few minutes later, I was done with my last sip.

Overall, still a good batchoy snack to try out. They just need to make it less saltier and add more meat!

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Location: (Closed)

Inasal Joe, The Landmark
The Landmark
Makati Ave., Ayala Center Makati
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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2 thoughts on “Inasal Joe’s Batchoy

  1. Wow, I love batchoy too. The saltiness level and umami factor are my criteria in evaluating various batchoys :) Nice post :)

    • Hi Blaine, do you have a recommended batchoy place? I would first go for the soup and then the ingredients in it (noodles + pork liver wins it for me) for my evaluation :)

So what can you say? :)