Introducing Little Owl Cafe at Quezon City

Introducing Little Owl Cafe at Quezon City

Little Owl Thick Cut Bacon Steaks

Along Broadway Avenue (approaching E Rod), there’s a new restaurant called Little Owl. Just barely two to three months when it opened, it seems poised to take on the world serving one all day breakfast and comfort food dish at a time.

Little Owl has an interesting look. The windows are big and circular (i imagine a cuckoo clock hole or an owl’s eyes). It is brightly lit and had enough room to host events (they had many bookings last Dec 2016). They serve breakfast dishes, pasta, sandwiches, drinks and desserts. Our host made sure we tasted their specialties.


Little Owl Grilled Caesar Salad

Little Owl Grilled Caesar Salad – PHP 285

We started our meal with their Grilled Caesar Salad. Unlike the usual salad; the romaine lettuce was not chopped but the stem included and got a mild grilling (which you may or may not notice the after effects).

Little Owl Shakshuka

Little Owl Shakshuka – PHP 270

Shakshuka as defined…

a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin (Wikipedia)

but for me, it was egg-y, tomato-ey, goo-ey, definitely yummy and should come with more bread. This was the first time I tried this dish but definitely not the last time.

Little Owl Fluffy Banana Pancake

Little Owl Fluffy Banana Pancake – PHP 220

I only eat pancakes if I like the syrup or the toppings. However, the fluffy pancakes from Little Owl was different. As the name goes, it was fluffy and has a chewy texture. The bananas and caramel maple syrup was a perfect match to it!

Little Owl Mixed Mushroom and Roasted Vegetables

Little Owl Mixed Mushroom and Roasted Vegetables – PHP 250

Despite not being mentioned in the menu; it was the cheese that made this sandwich great! Everything felt in order except for the leaves as it just doesn’t mix well with the other ingredients.

Little Owl Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Little Owl Grilled Cheese Sandwich – PHP 220

Grilled cheese and tomato dip go well together but there’s usually a dilemma on the sandwich. How do you make sure that the cheese melts equally on the sandwich? We also experienced the same problem here but if you get lucky; you can enjoy the melted cheddar, mozzarella and guare cheese.

Main Dishes

Little Owl Thick Cut Bacon Steaks

Little Owl Thick Cut Bacon Steaks – PHP 365

This dish is part of their all day brunch plates that can be shared. The bacon steak was thick and has a balance of juicy fat and tender meat. It was glazed and sweet (reminds me of fried Chinese ham with sugar). I find it hard to share this as I enjoyed it so I might as well finish one order by myself.

You can customize your order by having either french toast or garlic rice and scrambled eggs or sunny side up eggs.

Little Owl Carbonara

Little Owl Carbonara – PHP 295

The first carbonara dish that came out looked like the sauce had dried out. However, the second came in oozing with sauce so this was what I tried. Simply said; I loved it (i have a personal bias to carbonara). Nothing too fancy; just plain carbonara.

Dessert and Drinks

Little Owl Chocolate Tart

Little Owl Chocolate Tart – PHP 130

Little Owl Calamansi Tart

Little Owl Calamansi Tart – PHP 120

Little Owl Warm Apple & Pecan

Little Owl Warm Apple & Pecan – PHP 160

As for desserts, we had three tarts namely

  1. Calamansi Tart
  2. Warm Apple & Pecan
  3. Chocolate Tart

As for the drinks, my favorite was the “Orange, Carrots, & Ginger” that I had two glasses. It sounds healthy and was very refreshing.

Our Little Owl experience was great! We enjoyed the dishes that were served to us. Although some didn’t have that wow factor but there were those that simply amazed me. For example, the shakshuka was really good! I have sneaked spoonfuls of it. The mixed vegetables as mentioned was made great by the cheese. Of course, I couldn’t forget the carbonara experience. Even if it came late, I told my stomach to make room and it complied.

Disclosure: Little Owl paid for our meal. 

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Little Owl

65 Broadway Avenue
New Manila
Quezon City

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