Iris and Shake’s Wedding in Batangas

Iris and Shake’s Wedding in Batangas

Last weekend, I went with Diosa and her bro to attend the wedding of her cousin. It was in Batangas and it was a first time experience for me. We rode the bus, then a tricycle, then a jeepney ride and lastly a tricycle to reach our destination. It took us nearly 5 hours of traveling. On going home, we left at around 2am then managed to arrive her at home around 730am and upon reaching home, my first target was the bed.

On the food experience, I was surprised that even though they had caterers, they were still the ones who cooked the food which is unlike the usual food catering I know. One thing I can say about our menu is pork! Most of our food was pork and I believe that was around 2 pigs slaughtered for the amount and different styles of cooking that I have seen.

Here was our menu.

I wasn’t able to try these food out as they were only served to those on the table.

Here were the ones I have tried.

Kare Kare
I got a big portion of this as I thought this was going to taste good but I was wrong. It did not taste good so I felt guilty that I could not finish the big portion I took. Something was really missing in the taste as it was very bland.

Pork Menudo
This one was OK but I was surprised that it was mostly pork and no other ingredients in the mix. However, the taste is still very much what Menudo should taste like. I learned that with their way of cooking they can preserve it without putting it in the refrigerator and it doesn’t spoil. As far as I know, they cooked the menudo the night before and served it at the wedding on the next day and it was stored in a very big pot.

I don’t know pork
This one tasted good. It was like a salted pork but it really worked up my appetite! Got a lot of servings of these and also lots of rice to counter the salty flavor.

Leche Flan
I could only stare at this as those greedy *&^*&)*& got a lot of the “my precious” leche flan. I’m glad Diosa’s mother gave us leche flan even if we weren’t able to get it from the table. Thanks :)

Last and not the least, their wedding cake. ^_^

Congratulations Iris and Shakespeare!

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