J.Co Donuts and Coffee

J.Co Donuts and Coffee

J.CO Donuts

Ever since I saw J.CO donuts, I have always been curious to try it for two reasons:

  1. to compare it with other donut shops such as Krispy Kreme
  2. the lines are always very long so there must be something really good about it

But due to reason 2, I would usually hold off my curiosity. However, on a late Sunday night, Jessa and I saw a good opportunity (short line) to buy these donuts.

First, let’s talk about pricing. So how much does J.Co Donuts cost?

Each PHP 42
1/2 Dozen PHP 230
1 Dozen PHP 350
2 Dozen PHP 550

No wonder people usually leave with boxes of J.Co donuts. Buying two dozens would only cost you PHP23 per donut.

and now let me present to you the donuts (they were running short on donuts so we got what was available during that time).

I present thee… a donut slideshow (my first time using this)

Jco Donut List

…a picture showing all their donuts (click to enlarge).

Here were my observations after eating a dozen donuts in one (1) week. J.Co donuts were relatively smaller than it’s competitors and it terms of taste, it isn’t that sweet (which was always a good thing). It was also very distinctive in its flavors (e.g. green tea means you taste green tea) and it was also light to eat that if I didn’t have enough self-control, I could have devoured several donuts in one sitting.

My final verdict would be… they are worth waiting in line for (but I’m not sure if I’m patient enough to wait for more than  30 minutes to 1 hour for them though).

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J.Co Donuts & Coffee
Greenbelt 3
2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 621-6293


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10 thoughts on “J.Co Donuts and Coffee

  1. Hi, Allen! What’s up?! J.Co Donuts are simply delicious, it makes my mouth water! I didn’t realize that it’s cheaper to buy 2 dozens, thanks for the heads up! =)

    • Hey Jomi :) Yes, I became a convert after tasting Alcapone. Almost half the prize for 2 dozens. No wonder people enter with nothing and leave with boxes after :D

  2. I have always been curious with JCo, but I haven’t tried thedonuts yet, only the coffee. Will try it nga.

    • Satisfy your curiosity hehe :D The more donuts you buy, the more savings you get and also more calories hehe

  3. U8mypinkcookies says:

    Love don mochino, alcapone and choconuttzy <33

  4. Ariane dela cruz says:

    I hate waiting in line for more than an hour.Good thing my cousin is always willing to wait so I got the chance to taste J.co Donuts. :) I love the Alcapone, Tiramisu & Mr. Green Tea. :)

  5. i like to taste their donuts, never tasted it. i think i should buy one

  6. I was fascinated of the long lines. Now I got the answer. I could have a buddy to split two dozen donuts and pay only 23php each. Need to avoid that long line too so, I have to be early at Alabang Town Center. Thanks for the idea of having two dozens at once :)

  7. Rica Rodriguez says:

    I LOVE the Alcapone, and the Greentease except for the very long queue in their stores, but the wait is worth it considering that their donuts are very yummy! :D

So what can you say? :)