Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant

Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant


In choosing a restaurant to dine in; sometimes we do our research to know more about a restaurant (e.g. best sellers; what to order etc) or sometimes we simply enter a restaurant out of impulse or curiosity and just take it from there. For our visit to Jade Garden; it was the latter. I was simply curious about the restaurant as I always see it when I pass by Glorietta to Landmark.

Jade Garden spans two floors at Glorietta and I was really surprised at what I saw upon entering. It looked like a hotel; sort of similar to the setup of Gloria Maris (a fine dining Chinese restaurant also). At the 2nd floor, you would see a large dining area and at the side would be function rooms. There’s a huge staircase going down to the first floor which I wasn’t able to explore. Entering from Glorietta, you would left thinking; “Am I still in the same place?”.

We didn’t know much about the menu of Jade Garden so we just picked out what we wanted to eat that night. I do saw a big picture of a suckling pig in the menu and was wondering if this would be their specialty? Wish I could try it though as I have never tried suckling pig.. ever .. in .. my… life.

So what did we have that night?


Jade Garden Spinach Crabmeat Soup

Jade Garden Spinach Crabmeat Soup – PHP 480

I love spinach (and seafood) soup! It is one of my must order when I see it on a menu. This is a good way to eat spinach and grow strong like Popeye without the feeling of eating veggies. From experience, restaurants use shrimps as the partner but for this dish; they used crab meat. Something new but with the same satisfaction. 


Jade Garden Shrimp Dumpling (Hakaw)

Jade Garden Shrimp Dumpling (Hakaw) – PHP 240

Very generous on the shrimp! It left me wondering on how many shrimps did they stuff in each dumpling? Really good!!! (had the same comment on Luk Yuen which coincidentally have the same owners)

Jade Garden Soup and Pork Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao)

Jade Garden Soup and Pork Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao) – PHP 200

As usual; Xiao Long Bao doesn’t disappoint. Although their version doesn’t differ much from the other Xiao Long Bao I have tried.

Main Course

Jade Garden Hot Prawn Salad

Jade Garden Hot Prawn Salad – PHP 680

This was delicious! I have made a mental note to order this when I see it on the menu. Juicy chewy prawns that are surrounded by tidbits of fruit held together by creamy mayonnaise. 

Jade Garden Beef Tenderloin

Jade Garden Beef Tenderloin – PHP 680

I’m quite easy to satisfy on beef dishes. The more tender it is; the better. These slices of beef didn’t give any fight at all as I sliced through with my fork.

Jade Garden Lamb and Fish Fillet

Jade Garden Lamb and Fish Fillet – PHP 460

An upgraded stir fried fish fillet because shredded lamb was added. Actually, there was more servings of lamb than fish fillet which was a good thing.

Jade Garden Lemon Chicken with Fruit Cocktail

Jade Garden Lemon Chicken with Fruit Cocktail – PHP 400

A classic menu item for Chinese cuisine. Loved how juicy the chicken was and how it retained the crunchiness of the breading (didn’t became soggy). Instead of pineapple to go with it; they added a can of fruit cocktail!

So that’s it for our dinner at Jade Garden. I’m happy that we weren’t disappointed with the dishes that we ordered. They have big serving sizes (small would already feed around 3 persons or one hungry person) so I do not recommend going here on a date (unless you are happy with one viand only). Go here as a group and enjoy sharing the dishes (and the bill hehe).

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Jade Garden
Glorietta 2
2/F Glorietta 2, Palm Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 9551808, (02) 9551728

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