JD Bakeshop Macarons

JD Bakeshop Macarons

JD Bakeshop Macarons Closeup

One day, while passing through JD Bakeshop, something caught my eye. JD Bakeshop now offers macarons at PHP 9 each! (Usually, macarons cost around PHP30 each or higher). I wanted to try them out but it took me several visits to JD bakeshop (always out of stock) until I found them at their Iloilo Airport Branch.

They have four flavors such as ube, mango, buko pandan, and strawberry. The macarons were thinner and they weren’t as fragile as the usual macaron. The clumsy me accidentally dropped the box where out came the macarons but they were still intact and I placed them back like nothing happened. Disclaimer: It happened at home so I already bought the macarons hehe. Upon first bite, you can really taste the peanuts (not sure if they used almonds); in fact they taste more like a peanut crunch if not for the filling inside. The chewiness was there and so was taste of the filling. However if we were to compare them to the macarons you can buy here in Manila then they still have a lot of room to improve on. Yet at the price of PHP9 each, who I am to complain so instead of complaining; I simply focused on chewing.

JD Bakeshop Macarons Boxed

JD Bakeshop Boxed Macarons (before I clumsily dropped it)

You can also buy a box of 8 for PHP 72. No extra charge for the box. 

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