Jollibee Breakfast Steak

Jollibee Breakfast Steak

Presenting… the Jollibee Breakfast Steak!

I made a post for this one as this is the only value meal I eat in Jollibee’s selection of breakfast meals. When I was in NLA shift (10pm to 7am) work, I ate this on a daily basis. They do have pancakes, hotdog, corn beef, tapa and other breakfast dishes but they are way too overpriced (especially if you know how much those costs when you go to the supermarket).

Breakfast Steak is simply a repackaged version of their burger steak in which they add a fried egg and delicious garlic rice. Yes, I have to repeat that, the garlic rice is simply delicious. I’m not sure what they put in that aside from garlic bits but it’s good! Try it out even just for the sake of their garlic rice (hehe) as there is no difference in the taste of their burger steak.

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One thought on “Jollibee Breakfast Steak

  1. their burger patty has an aftertaste which i don’t like.. :P that’s why i prefer mcdo’s burger (cheeseburger lang actually).

So what can you say? :)