Jollibee Chicken Burger

Jollibee Chicken Burger

KFC already has their chicken burger, McDo has their crispy chicken sandwich (CCS) and now Jollibee released their Chicken Burger.

Jollibee Chicken Burger – PHP 39

The burger is similar to McDo’s CCS that they only have the chicken fillet and mayo below. The chicken fillet was big (or maybe I was just lucky because my office mates said that their chicken fillet was small). In terms of taste, it tasted Ok. The skin was crunchy but not so much though their I felt that I needed rice for their chicken fillet and not bread.

I can say that this would be a better buy compared to McDo due to the size of the fillet. In terms of taste, it would have to depend on your. McDo has a bit of spicyness in their chicken while Jollibee has a mild sweetness (their mayo).

It’s your choice ;)

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So what can you say? :)