Jollibee Crispy Pork Steak

Jollibee Crispy Pork Steak

Jollibee Crispy Pork Steak

I still can’t get over the news that the Jollibee 39ers – Beef with Mushroom has been phased out. It has been replaced by the crispy pork steak and I was curious to see if it was a worthy replacement for one of my favorite budget meals.

The crispy pork steak is a thin slice of pork, breaded and fried to give it a golden and crispy look. It also comes with a special sauce (BBQ sauce) to compliment it. The breading they used was tasty and you can really feel the crunch at every bite. However, the slice of pork was very thin that I can barely taste the pork.

This would be a dish that the kids would like thanks to the crunchiness (something people look for also in their chicken joy) however, for those who would want more meat like me, I’d still prefer the beef with mushrooms.

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One thought on “Jollibee Crispy Pork Steak

  1. It’s been a while since I last tried 39ers, and like you i love their beef with mushrooms. I’m surprised that it’s now phased out?

So what can you say? :)