Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders

Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders

Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders

I have been seeing this ad daily when I use the Ayala underpass to go to the office and it made me curious on what it tastes like. The picture of grilled pork with toyomansi sauce looked tasty so one afternoon, Jessa and I went to Jollibee to try it out. Aside from using our BPI receipts to get free meals, I got myself one Grilled Pork Tenders which cost PHP65.00. (Good bye curiosity)

The Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders was very soft and tender. You can taste the mildly sweet marinate in every bite. However, I couldn’t help matching it to a dish that we usually eat for breakfast, Tocino. They have a very similar taste although it is much more easier to cut than tocino. They just need to add egg and they can already serve it as tocilog for their breakfast meals.

In a way, I was disappointed because having that tocino taste would mean that it is still a processed food product. The closest dish they had that doesn’t give you the idea of fast food or processed was the beef with mushrooms.

It seems that after the Chicken BBQ, Jollibee is starting to add more dishes that’s more targeted to Filipino cuisine. Is it because of the influence of Mang Inasal? I’m not really sure but I’m looking forward to what Jollibee will come up to next.

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