Jollibee PHP 500 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Jollibee PHP 500 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Jollibee champ

Contest will officially start on 12pm August 20, 2012.


Jollibee Gift Certificate Giveaway

This entitles the bearer to **Five Hundred Philippine Pesos (PHP 500)** worth of food and beverage at Jollibee.

**Raffle duration:
August 20 to September 3, 2012**

GC validity – Until September 30, 2014.

  • This is open to Metro Manila residents only or if you can drop by SM Megamall to actually use your GCs.
  • One (1) Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter so the more entries you have, the more chances of winning.
  • Winners will be contacted via Email/Twitter/Facebook and they have 3 days to reply. Else I will pick another winner.

Enjoy and good luck!

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71 thoughts on “Jollibee PHP 500 Gift Certificate Giveaway

  1. hope i’ll win :-)

  2. Star Sabroso says:

    Isa pa, isa pa, isa pang chicken joy!

  3. Francis Falucho says:

    Ill use P500 GC to buy 3 burger meals to share with my mom and sister.

  4. I will be buying a Champ! It’s been a long time since I’ve had had that burger and peach mango pies to share to everyone. :)

  5. ma clara reyes says:

    I’ll let my kids buy what they want to eat.

  6. I’ll have a grand dinner with friends! :)

  7. leo rances garcia says:

    I’ll spend it with my family.

  8. if i will win i will treat my kids

  9. maricel p. villanueva says:

    will buy bucket of chickenjoy for sharing:)

  10. Girlie Camungay says:

    I would spend bonding time with my Mom by treating her to Jollibee.

  11. christine batiller says:

    i’m planning to buy my son’s favorite meal C3 (one piece chicken with spaghetti), choco float, creamy macaroni soup and a bucket of chickenjoy for my siblings!

  12. Marizza Domingo says:

    If I win I’ll treat my nephews and nieces, for them to enjoy their favorite Jollibee items.

    Thank you!

  13. Analie Maravilla says:

    If i win i’m going to treat my pamangkin..he love Jollibee meals..

  14. I want to eat a lot of burger and fries. if i win!

  15. maryleen purugganan says:

    ill treat hubby pagbalik nya galing Cebu ^^, nang maraming fries at sundae ^^

  16. I’ll be eating two Champs and spend the remaining to ice cream Milo Blast :)

  17. may ongsioco says:

    i’ll treat my kids..

  18. i will spend my winning gc to my kids and family they really love to eat at jollibee and to have a good bounding with them be happy :)

  19. Ill treat my family. :)

  20. Mel Aclan says:

    I will spend my GC to treat my baby as a reward after exam :)!

    thanks :)

  21. Carolyn Ong says:

    I will spend it with my family as my hubby and daughter are both Jolibee Fanatics!

  22. carol albonia says:

    i will spent w/my family !

  23. I will order all other Jollibee items that I haven’t tried yet!

  24. Mareva C. Diolaso says:

    If i win i will spend it with my family. Jolibee is our favorite place with my hubby.

  25. Mylene M. Calleja says:

    A simple yet perfect anniversary date @Jollibee with my hubby and my two kids , a bucket meal will be more than enough for us:)

  26. mary reana says:

    We will eat dinner at Jollibee, me, my children and hubby..

  27. Elinor Semira says:

    I plan to spend it on hubby’s birthday on September 25th! :)

  28. maridel terrado says:

    I will treat my family to have family bonding

  29. My birthday will be on September 4th, so I’ll be really happ to receive this. :)

  30. I will treat my son to a juicy and crispy fried chicken together with fries. that’s his favorite combo.

  31. Actually DTi Have already abolished the Expiration of Gift Certificates, You can check it out on there websites.

  32. Allan Reyes says:

    I will spend it with my wife.

  33. If I’ll win I’ll spend it with my 4 pamangkins, I’ll buy their favorite kiddie meal,chicken joy, large fries, icecreams and more! ;)

  34. I’d go order a round of their giant burger, The Champ

  35. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    i plan to buy spaghetti and fries which are my daughters favorites

  36. Joel Trinidad says:

    basta Jolibee, laging masaya pag kasama ang barkada! XD

  37. if i win, i’ll treat my hubby on his birthday with his all time fave jolli spaghetti and crispy chicken joy!

  38. steve del castillo says:

    If i win i would spend it treating my twin nephews over at jollibee. because they love jollibee so much!!!

  39. if i win i will spend it in buying chickenjoy

  40. Myla F. Arao says:

    I will spend it together with my family.. We love Jollibee!! :)

  41. Shakirizza Cabrera says:

    If i win i would treat my family at jolibee and spend a good time there

  42. Donna de Luna says:

    il treat my mom and buy champ meal for each of them.. juicy and so tasty :)

  43. Emmalyn C. Salavaria says:

    Bonding time with my husband and to our only son, gustong gusto ng anak ko ang mga pagkain sa Jollibee.

  44. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    I will treat my love ones to jollibee because that their Favorite Fast Food Chain.

  45. mei lanie del rosario says:

    ill spend it with my son, he’s a Jollibee addict.

  46. Camille Aguila says:

    Jollibee is the kids’ bestfriend and if i win, i want nothing more but to spend a day with my little boy who loves Jollibee products so much! yey!

  47. Carmencita Watkins says:

    i will treat my mum and dad…they are still child at heart after all and they love Jollibee;)!!!!!

  48. if i will win this we gonna eat a bucket of chiken with my daughter…chickenjoy is her fav.

  49. diana de leola says:

    i will treat my family because we love jolibee

  50. jeanne ramos says:

    i will give it as a gift to my only niece who rarely gets to enjoy an awesome treat. :)

  51. I’ll treat my wife as we both love CHAMP! :)

  52. Robert Mari De la Costa says:

    My youngest cousin loves Jolibee! I would use the GC to treat him his favorite Chickenjoy!

  53. … call on to people I miss and dine.

  54. If i win, I will plan to spend it by give it to my daughter as her price by improving her grades on school..Hope to win.

  55. I’m planning to spend it with my friends…! :D

  56. Live Rausts says:

    I’ll spend it w/ my family…! :D

  57. Vivian Aguilar says:

    I plan to spend it one Sunday lunch time with my family who loves Jollibee.

  58. Maan Aquino says:

    I will be spending some quality time with my son by using this GC! good luck to all!!!

  59. Peter Ong says:

    I plan to spend it with my family and order chicken Bucket which is my daughter’s favorite.

  60. ma. cecilia de la costa says:

    This jollibee treat is for my children. They love Jolllibee!

  61. katrina bulseco says:

    If I win (God willing), I plan to treat my nephews and son to a good meal in Jollibee! They just LOVE chicken joy!!

  62. Julie Gonzales says:

    If I win, Im gonna treat my relatives to a fun, Free Foods Noon!

  63. zyra Anne says:

    I will Eat a Happy Lunch To jOllibee with friends!

  64. I’ll buy maraming maraming crisscut fries :D

  65. Joining, goodluck all :D

  66. Victoria Jose says:

    I will celebrate my Birthday at Jollibee

  67. If I win i want to spend it with my family specially to my daughter!! my daughter loves to eat in jollibee and she likes the chocolate float so much!.. she always order 1pc. chicken w/ rice and chocolate float ^_^ WE LOVE JOLLIBEE yum yum yum!!

  68. jayann gonzales says:

    i’ll treat my family. jollibee meals are best enjoyed with family.

  69. Diana Beatima says:

    I will spend it with my family!!!

  70. Cheska E. Pagsanjan says:

    If i win I’ll treat my family with the choice that they want!

  71. Kany vic Perez says:

    I want to go with my mom. Ill treat her to jollibee!

So what can you say? :)