Jollibee vs Mcdo : Pepper Steak Battle

Jollibee vs Mcdo : Pepper Steak Battle


At the end of the year 2016, McDo releases their newest menu item which was the Pepper Steak. At the start of the year 2017, Jollibee releases their newest menu item which was the Cream Burger Steak. Coincidence?

We know that Jollibee and McDo are fierce competitors on the fast food world so it didn’t come as that much of a surprise that they would try to outdo each other. However, releasing a similar menu item on the same period is serious competition!

In one corner, we have Jollibee and their Cream Burger Steak. They had been in the burger steak pieces for a while now so they just need to change the sauce and they would be ready to serve!

On the other corner comes McDo and their Pepper Steak. I believe this would be their first venture into burger steak world.

So which will win this? Let our tongue and bellies decide! Battle on!

in no particular order…

Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak

Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak

I have been a fan of Jollibee’s burger steak (especially when they launched that Ultimate Burger Steak). The mushroom sauce was perfect for it. The new pepper cream sauce was lighter in color and was topped with corn kernels. I found the sauce too peppery for my taste that every swallow has this slight itchy feeling on my throat. The beef patty tastes the same; a tried and tested formula.

I noticed that I wasn’t able to do my usual first burger patty for the rice and the second patty as dessert. I was eating too much of the burger patty because of the peppery sauce.

McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak

McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak

My apologies as even if I mentioned dine-in to the cashier; my order still became take-out. 

I was a bit excited as this would be the first of its kind for McDo. Immediately after opening the box, I could already smell the aroma of the sauce which doesn’t help my hungry belly. The patties were thick (as I’m used to their thin burger mcdo before they improved it) and chewy. Did they use the same patty as their new improved Burger Mcdo?

As for the sauce, it tasted familiar. A few bites later, it hit me! The sauce was very similar to KFC’s mushroom soup but has more pepper to it.

Personal Conclusion

If I were to pick between the two; I’d pick Mcdonald’s Mushroom Pepper Steak over Jollibee’s Pepper Cream Burger Steak simply because I felt fuller after eating at McDo.

  • For Jollibee – I hope they can tone down on the pepper… (or I’m just not a pepper guy)
  • For McDo – Please use the patties of your other burgers (except burger Mcdo patty).

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