KaLui Restaurant Dinner

KaLui Restaurant Dinner

KaLui Restaurant Puerto Princesa Palawan

One of the most recommended restaurants to try out in Puerto Princesa, Palawan would be KaLui Restaurant so we made sure that we ate here during our stay. Based from the reviews from other bloggers, they said that to ensure that you will be able to dine at KaLui, you will need to make a reservation as they are always full. With the help of the hotel front desk, we were able to secure that reservation.

Upon arriving at KaLui, we were made to take off our foot wear and we stored it into a box. The ambiance reminds me of old Filipino houses in movies where you have a wooden floor, paintings on the wall and statues too, and candle light. As for our food, we couldn’t decide on what to order so we got the KaLui Special of the day.

KaLui Dining Area KaLui Wall Paintings

The KaLui Special of the Day (PHP 395) is similar to the samplers you usually see in a menu. Each order contains the following: Fish Steak, Prawns, Veggies of the Day, Chili Crabs Fish, rice and appetizers. Let me break it down.

KaLui Special of the Day Adobong Kangkong KaLui Special of the Day Appetizers

As for appetizers, we were given green shell soup, seaweeds and kang kong (water spinach).

KaLui Special of the Day Fish Steak

Fish Steak

Their fish steak was being served literally hot off the pan as they bring the fish to you on top of a frying pan. It was very juicy and soft.

KaLui Special of the Day Prawns


Prawns in a salsa like sauce. Two pieces isn’t enough since it was tasty!

KaLui Special of the Day Fish


It tastes similar to fish with oyster sauce. The only problem was that it had a lot of bones.

KaLui Special of the Day Fruit Platter

Lastly, for dessert was a fruit platter. Several fruits placed inside a coconut.

I would like to note something about their superb customer service. We noticed a worm in the kang kong when we placed it on our plate (besides the other viands). When we reported this to the server, he took a glance on the worm and replaced everything that was on top of the plate (literally gave us a new batch of set meal). Now that’s customer service leading to great customer satisfaction!

Overall, their servings although delicious were not much but I’m thinking that you are paying for the experience and the ambiance (e.g. fine dining). It’s a place where you can try once for the sake of experience then move on to other places.

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KaLui Restaurant,
369 Rizal Ave.
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
(048) 433-2580

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