Katsu Cafe – Pork Katsu

Katsu Cafe – Pork Katsu

Katsu Cafe - Pork Katsu Set


Yet another katsu post but I don’t mind as katsu meals always manages to fill my tummy to full capacity! We were in Quezon City; specifically at Katipunan where we visited BabyMama and while looking for a place to park; we saw Katsu Cafe and made a mental note to dine in here after our visit.

Katsu Cafe serves different types of meals such as Katsu sets, Katsu curry sets, donburi and other Japanese dishes. We only ordered two items on their meal which were:

Katsu Cafe - Gyoza

Katsu Cafe – Gyoza – PHP 120

As always, I included an order of Gyoza to go with our Katsu meal. Katsu Cafe’s gyoza tastes more like a steamed dumpling than a pan fried dumpling. This was probably because of the dampness of the gyoza wrapper.

Katsu Cafe - Pork Katsu

Katsu Cafe – Pork Katsu Set – PHP 215
Meat Cutlets battered with our special Japanese Panko breading deep fried to golden perfection! Paired with your own creation of Tonkatsu Sauce and sesame seeds. Served with Miso soup, side salad and unlimited Japanese Rice.

Katsu Cafe offers different types of katsu such as pork, chicken, prawn, fish and salmon. Unless other katsu restaurants, they only have one variant of their pork katsu. Their katsu sets come with unlimited rice (topped with sesame seeds) and miso soup; but their shredded cabbage isn’t unlimited. The katsu can be dipped in a tonkatsu sauce poured over sesame seeds.

Katsu Cafe - Pork Katsu2

Now here’s a close-up with their katsu. As you can see, there’s no hint of fat so you are getting lean meat! I loved the combination of their pork katsu and tonkatsu sauce. It was a great mix of light sweetness and sourness.

However, when I took a bite of the katsu without the sauce; it tastes bland. I followed it up with a spoonful of katsu sauce to make it right again.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Katsu Cafe. It was definitely cheaper than the other katsu restaurants but I’m still satisfied with my meal. Also to add; service was great and the food was served fast.

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Katsu Cafe
329-I Katipunan Ave cor B Gonzales
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
(0939) 920-0000

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  1. I should try this place. The prices are very affordable. :)

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