KFC Breakfast Buffet Experience – July 2014

KFC Breakfast Buffet – July 2014

KFC Breakfast Buffet

Hey everyone, here’s something to look forward this July. A buffet from one of my favorite fast food restaurants in the Metro; say hello to the KFC Breakfast Buffet.

What: KFC Breakfast Buffet that consists of Chocolate Chip Pancake, Longganisa, Tocino, Chicken Fillet w/ Steak Sauce, Egg, Garlic Rice, Arroz Caldo and many more.

When: All weekends of July.

Time: 730am to 1030am

Where: Participating KFC Breakfast Stores: KFC Eastwood, Congressional, EDSA Central, St. Joseph, Jupiter, Vito Cruz, Tagaytay, and San Pablo Town Plaza. Promo is not available on weekdays.

How much: PHP 199 per person. + 30 if you want drinks. Kids (3-4 feet tall) get to eat at PHP 99 each (free for less than 3 feet).

How to avail: Either visit the branch to buy tickets in advance or on the day itself. Buffet must be availed on the date mentioned in the tickets.


For the complete info, please check out http://kfc.com.ph/Facebook-Apps/Breakfast_Buffet/landing.html

I’m excited to try this out so soon I’ll be visiting the nearest branch to me soon!

Edit: We availed of the promo at the Jupiter branch. It is easy to wake up early but was a challenge to get out of bed so we arrived there around 9am… just one hour to go before the buffet ends :(

Around this time, the bulk of the diners have already left and we were left with a few more diners waiting for refills (something to improve on – see thoughts at end of post). As we were late, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the setup and I don’t want to further agitate the other diners so I just grabbed what I can and took pictures at our table.

KFC Breakfast Buffet Tickets

To start your buffet, you need a ticket!

KFC Breakfast Buffet Longsilog

KFC Breakfast Buffet Longsilog – Longanisa, Scrambled Egg and Garlic Rice

KFC Breakfast Buffet Hashbrowns

KFC Breakfast Buffet Hashbrowns – Most Wanted by all (except me)

KFC Breakfast Buffet Chocolate Chip Pancakes

KFC Breakfast Buffet Chocolate Chip Pancakes with chocolate and maple syrup

KFC Breakfast Buffet Chicken Fillet

KFC Breakfast Buffet Chicken Fillet with Steak Sauce (that tastes like their mushroom soup)

KFC Breakfast Buffet Chicken Arrozcaldo

KFC Breakfast Buffet Chicken Arrozcaldo
Should have chicken but ran out. The refill had chicken.

KFC Breakfast Buffet Tocino

KFC Breakfast Buffet Tocino and Scrambled Egg

As for drinks, they have juices (apple, orange), coffee and hot chocolate. Apologies, no pics.

My thoughts on the KFC Breakfast buffet:

As it was their first day to operate the breakfast buffet, I didn’t set my expectations high. I’m sure that today is more or less a way to gauge the number of potential customers and see what needs to be improved on the next buffet.

First would be on supply. When we arrived, I saw that there were people lining up waiting for the refills. The staff would continuously bring up refills but none would last a few seconds as they would be hoarded by the customers. Hoarding is the correct term to describe what I saw because the customers had this mentality where they don’t want to wait on the next batch so we will take all that we can. Unfortunately, that brings us to the next issue.

Implementation of no leftovers policy. Due to hoarding and not using their stomach capacity to gauge, a lot of customers weren’t able to finish what they took. If this was strictly implemented, then this would have been reduced.

These were the two issues that I found. After the buffet finished; we were still there finishing our plates. I saw their management doing a post mortem analysis of what happened and I overheard them talking about the two issues I noticed so I guess we would see improvements on the next buffets.

KFC Breakfast Buffet Backdrop

Overall, I’m happy with the experience and if you will ask me, I’d say that this is a “sulit” promo (considering how much their fully loaded meals cost). My favorites were the chicken fillet and the arrozcaldo.

Disclosure: KFC sponsored our meal.

TIll next time,



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  1. Haven’t tried KFC breakfast, but for the price, I think it’s good enough :)

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