KFC Cheesetop Burger Review

KFC Cheesetop Burger Review

KFC Cheesetop Burger

Today I’m going to write about KFC’s newest burger that has been getting a mixture of love and hate reactions from blogs, news and word of mouth. So what exactly is the cheesetop burger? It looks very similar to their streetwise chicken burger except for the fact that there’s a slice of cheese on top of the bun. Yes, not just a cheesy bun as I initially thought but a literal slice of cheese that has been baked on top to make it stick.

Now, for the purpose of comparison and since I was hungry, I bought a cheesetop burger (PHP 50) and a streetwise chicken burger (PHP 29). Guess which of them is the cheesetop burger?

KFC Cheesetop Burger vs KFC Chicken Burger

My initial guess was the one of the right but I was wrong. It was the one on the left so it left me wondering why a burger that costs PHP19 more would be smaller? Now moving on to the burger…

KFC Cheesetop Burger

Please see this close up of the cheese on top. I couldn’t taste the cheese properly because it would get stuck at the roof of my mouth. The bread was soft and chewy which was different from their original burger. They also used a different dressing (garlic parmesan) and the chicken patty was less crunchy. I ended up flipping the top bun so that the cheese would be in between the burger and I was able to taste the cheese properly. The cheese slice itself wasn’t that good also because it was a bit dry.

The KFC Streetwise CheeseTop Burger sells for PHP 50 and that already includes drinks. If you want to order it a la carte, you have to pay PHP 48 (only PHP2 for a soft drink?!). As of now, I’m not sold on paying extra just for a slice of cheese so I’d still stick to the chicken burger for my quick KFC Burger fix.

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8 thoughts on “KFC Cheesetop Burger Review

  1. I tried it once and I noticed that it’s smaller than the regular KFC burger. It is best consumed warm. :)

  2. looks weird. hehe no plans of trying. i’d rather stick to my mcdo cheeseburger. :)

  3. I wanna try this but friends (and your entry) kinda says that I shouldn’t. :))

    • haha you should try it once and see if you would like it or not. I do know others that like this burger. :)

  4. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    I’ve once tried this cheese top burger and I don’t like it! Hindi sulit sa 50PHP! Hindi ko masabing hindi masarap pero hindi ko na namn masabing masarap. Parang okay lang. Wala masyadong kakaiba ganun! haha

  5. […] what surprised us was the melted cheese on top of the katsu. It reminded me of KFC’s cheese top burger! But some reason, it goes well with the katsu but they clash a bit with the tonkatsu sauce. […]

  6. […] (for a limited time) that shows the different ways they can offer the same items. Remember the cheesetop burger? how about their chicken with clover cheese? with different sauces? or who wouldn’t know […]

So what can you say? :)