KFC Chicken Ala King

KFC Chicken Ala King

KFC Chicken Ala King

Among the fast food chains I have tried, KFC would usually come first in terms of chicken. I don’t know what is with their chicken and their oh delicious soup.. I mean gravy. In this post, I just want to share one of my favorite meals to order from KFC, the Chicken Ala King rice bowl meal. It only costs PHP90 and you will get two pieces of chicken fillet in mushroom gravy sauce and corn on the sides. The gravy is more sweeter than their regular gravy but I don’t mind mixing both.

I prefer this more than their one piece chicken meal and as now writing, I’m craving for this one. I should eat this within the week to satisfy my craving!

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Barangay Kalusugan, Quezon City, Philippines

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7 thoughts on “KFC Chicken Ala King

  1. I love KFC’s chicken and gravy plus their desserts but I haven’t tried any of their rice meals in bowls

    • This was the only rice meal in bowl (out of 2) I have tried and it became my favorite. :) I think that the two chicken fillet has more “meat” than their one pc chicken.

  2. This must be a different meal than the one I used to have in KFC (That was 10 years ago), they have chicken ala king but not with crispy chicken….this one looks yummy too, hope to get home soon and have a bite!

  3. Chicken Ala King was my favorite KFC rice meal in bowl.I’m craving now for it must have this for my dinner.

    • Good luck!Hope you were successful. I had it for my breakfast just last Sunday due to consistent craving lol

  4. I just had to get back here kasi I realized I was talking about the greenwich counterpart…lol. haven’t tasted this yet, for sure when I come home, I’ll go straight sa KFC :)

    • Hello! Just managed to react to your comment. I was wondering too what was the dish that you mentioned. Glad you clarified it. :) Yes, the fast food chains here have a lot of new offerings since your last visit :D

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