KFC Chicken Chop

KFC Chicken Chop

KFC Chicken Chop

As a fan of KFC, I couldn’t resist trying their new offering which was the KFC Chicken Chop. According to the commercial, it is a fried chicken fillet with bits ham and cheese. Then a creamy sauce is then poured unto it. All for PHP 69 only ala carte.

Honestly, I was trying to find the ham and cheese but I couldn’t. The chicken fillet doesn’t taste like real chicken but more of chicken nuggets and the sauce tastes similar to their Chicken ala King Supreme bowl. Overall, it was just so-so but it doesn’t give me the contentment I get like when I eat their other dishes. I’ll pass this one up and order myself a Chicken ala King instead.

How about you? What do you think of the KFC Chicken Chop?

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One thought on “KFC Chicken Chop

  1. What can I say? You get what you pay for. For 69 pesos It is a good value meal and be honest, the reason we all eat at KFC is the unlimited gravy. Get some extra rice, make it float on a sea of gravy and you have the ultimate carboloader meal. :-)

So what can you say? :)