KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken Experience

KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken Experience

KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken

KFC Co+Creation: a new contest by KFC where you can submit your ideas on what combinations would you like their KFC chicken to be paired with. An example of that KFC Co+Creation would be the new KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken. It is the marriage of KFC’s Chicken and Leslie’s Clover Chips. I’ve seen it in TV commercials but I couldn’t believe it until I saw it on my doorstep via KFC Delivery.

KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken

Packed in a large clover chips wrapper (nice display! and I hope they apply this to their bucket meals of Crispy Cheese Chicken if available) were 6 pcs of KFC’s newest creation. It also came with mashed potatoes, flavored rice and country gravy.

KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken

Limited edition clover chips where instead of chips, chicken comes out.

So how did it taste?

Well, I have to start by saying that it took me a while before I ate it (as I already had lunch) so it affected the crispiness similar to what happens when you leave a bag of chips open. It lost its crispiness and felt like the original recipe.

Upon opening the package, a familiar scent came into me…transporting me back into my childhood days where my fingers got coated in cheese powder. It was the pioneer finger licking good!

The chicken itself tasted literally as a fried chicken with a cheese batter. The taste was too strong by itself so it had to be paired with their flavored rice. I enjoyed their flavored rice as it tasted like Hainanese rice. It also had a different gravy which they called country gravy but personally, the taste reminded me of mushroom soup!

If you’d ask me, I’d still go for their original recipe and their original gravy because that unique taste makes me go back to KFC over the other fast food joints. I believe I don’t feel the same for their Crispy Chicken Cheese. Maybe if they made it a sandwich minus the crispiness? I’m not sure but if you have better ideas for their next KFC Co+Creation, be sure to join their contest at their Facebook page.


Just tweet your ideas including the hashtag “#KFCCoCreations” and what do you know; maybe your idea will stand out and be the next KFC Co Creation.

Disclosure: KFC paid for our meal. 

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