KFC Delivery Review

KFC Delivery Review

KFC Delivery Review

I’m just terribly lazy today so I decided to try out a fast food delivery service and KFC was on top my mind. With KFC, you can order online or by calling their hotline. I opted to order online because I happen to be in front of my computer and I was lazy to get my phone.


Ordering was easy. You just click on an item on their menu and after customizing it (e.g. fully loaded), that item will go to the right tab called, “Your Orders”. In this tab, you can see your orders and the total you have to pay. If you are done, just click “I’m Done Ordering” and a pop-up will show where you can enter your contact details. After that, all you have to do is wait for a call back to confirm your orders.

I received a call and the operator confirmed my contact details, delivery address, amount of payment and told me that it’s going to take 30 minutes.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • Minimum of PHP200 per order and that doesn’t include the delivery charge.
  • Delivery charge is 10% of your order bill (so better prepare your coins especially centavos)
  • They will call you within 10 minutes (I even called their hotline as I was getting impatient and hungry)
  • They don’t have accounts in the site so you have to input all your details again every time you order.
  • Their riders would text you when they arrive at your place.
  • Their soup had croutons.. which I don’t see anymore when I order it dine in at their stores. Why?

Well, I call this delivery a success due to the ease of transacting and promptness of the delivery. Now, I’m enjoying my fully loaded meal, a NBA tumbler and mango yogurt krushers. Craving satisfied!

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5 thoughts on “KFC Delivery Review

  1. Kazunori Kato says:

    Based on my experience, KFC has the worst delivery service in Mandaluyong, if not Metro Manila. They messed up my delivery orders 4 times in a row, then after making a clean streak, they messed them again thrice in a row. First 4 mess ups: No utensils for the chicken and rice I ordered. Next 3 Mess Ups: 1. Forgot to bring 10 pc of Original Recipe bites, brought 5 pieces instead so they had to return the food all the way back and then to me which prolonged my waiting for the hood which is very unsatisfying and the worst experience I ever had in my almost a decade of using delivery services in Metro Manila. 2. Brought in Half-Cooked 10 piece Original Recipe bites like, wait what? Did they even check the chickens before putting them in the bucket? 3. They brought 4 pieces of Original Recipe Bites instead of 5 pieces… jesus christ, like how many times do you have to give them a chance to make them do the service properly. Oh and they messed the flavors of gravies alot of times when I was ordering flavor shots before the Original Recipe bites got out. God, I’m so tired of them, I’m just very happy that Max’s food tastes better than theirs and McDonald’s delivery is way more efficient and effective than theirs.

  2. Kazunori Kato says:

    It’s the Starmall EDSA Branch, fyi

  3. Miyaka Nasugo says:

    Today, we ordered Street-Wise bucket meal and some add- on. We were promised to wait for 30 minutes. 40 minutes later, we called up for our order and was told that they do not have a rider and just to wait for our order. 10 minutes later, the food arrived. A total of 50 minutes of waiting. Why promised 30 minutes delivery when you can’t keep it!. The store manager Monica offered GC but never came, WE DID NOT RECEIVED ANY!. This is not the first time that they messed up our order. WE DO NOT LIKE YOUR SERVICE!

  4. Had a bad experience with KFC delivery last night! Don’t guarantee if you can’t deliver on time! Thanks “chooks to go” for saving us from embarrassment .

  5. […] KFC Co+Creation: a new contest by KFC where you can submit your ideas on what combinations would you like their KFC chicken to be paired with. An example of that KFC Co+Creation would be the new KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken. It is the marriage of KFC’s Chicken and Leslie’s Clover Chips. I’ve seen it in TV commercials but I couldn’t believe it until I saw it on my doorstep via KFC Delivery. […]

So what can you say? :)