KFC Double Down Burger

KFC Double Down Burger

KFC Double Down Original

When the KFC Double Down Burger was announced, I failed to grab an opportunity to try it and the promo ended. However, they brought it back with a higher price (PHP100 to PHP120) and another variant which was the zinger double down. This time, I told myself that I have to try this out for the sake of my curiosity so I went to the nearest KFC branch here and bought one.

Here’s the pictures:

KFC Double Down Original Burger

KFC Double Down (Original Recipe)

When I first saw it, it left me wondering, why is this small? Is this really the size of the double down burger? The cheese was dry like it has been exposed for a long time. I did my first few bites and noticed the salty bacon. However, what surprised me most was the chicken. It was hard to bite. I managed to finish the burger but I was disappointed on the size, taste, and hardness of the chicken.

I was at the idea that this isn’t how the burger should be so I said to myself that I will try this again but in another KFC branch. So when I walking towards the office one day, I dropped by KFC and got another double down but this time, I got the zinger version.

KFC Double Down Zinger KFC Double Down Zinger Burger

KFC Double Down (Zinger)

This one was bigger and it is not only due to the expanded chicken skin but in size. You can see the semi melted cheese and overflowing mayo from the burger. The chicken was crunchy but still had tender meat. It was spicy but tolerable. This was delicious and was far in taste compared to the first double down I tasted.

The double down burger is good alternative if you are tired of the usual bun and burger patty. It was flavorful all over with mayo, bacon and chicken goodness! However, not all branches serve it with the same quality as I have experienced with KFC Buendia vs. KFC Ayala.

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KFC, Buendia
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Pasong Tamo, San Antonio Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

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  1. i ordered fully loaded zinger down today. dahil late na ako nagising. hope this is all worth it! naks!

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