KFC Krushers

KFC Krushers

KFC Krushers Berry Banana

One day while walking to the office, I passed-by a KFC branch and an idea to try out their Krushers came into mind. KFC Krushers are KFC’s version of shakes where they add bitz (think of them as toppings such as strawberry, banana, cookies and cream).

KFC Krushers Mango Mania

The flavors available are:

  1. Mais con Hielo Krushers
  2. Halo Halo Krushers
  3. Kookies N’ Kream
  4. Rockin’ Road
  5. Strawberry Lush
  6. Mango Mania
  7. Berry Banana

The first 4 flavors are classic flavors while the last 3 are yogurt based. So far, I have tried #6 and #7 and they were delicious! They really do taste like yogurt and you can distinguish the flavor of the bitz. With its price, it is like drinking three cups of yogurt at once. Although I still find it pricey at PHP75 each, it’s something I can order once in a while when I need to cool down and enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “KFC Krushers

  1. have you tried the mixed berries? why won’t you try it. it’s great!

  2. Rica Rodriguez says:

    Not really a fan of Krushers, but the picture looks very convincing to try :)

  3. love the Kookies N’ Kream L<3

So what can you say? :)