KFC Newest Addition – Chicken + Pizza = Chizza!

KFC Newest Addition – Chicken + Pizza = Chizza!

KFC Chizza

From my favorite fast food chicken comes a new product that I haven’t thought would be possible. A mix of Chicken and Pizza … called the Chizza!

Several days ago, I received an email about KFC’s newest product and I’m sad that I didn’t manage to read it asap. Gladly, they were accommodating enough to still let me try the Chizza.

KFC has been known to introduce new products (for a limited time) that shows the different ways they can offer the same items. Remember the cheesetop burger? how about their chicken with clover cheese? with different sauces? or who wouldn’t know about their double down burger and the double down dog that made waves this year?

So what is a Chizza?

KFC Chizza

KFC Chizza – PHP 125

Let’s review first what comprises a pizza. You have a dough that will serve as a crust then it will be topped with toppings such as ham, bacon, pineapples, bellpeppers, salami, pepperoni, cheese, and many more! The Chizza simply replaces the dough with a chicken fillet. You still get the same pizza toppings such as pineapples, bellpepper, cheese and pepperoni. Each box has four slices and comes with soft drinks.

When I took my first bite, I found it very salty but it was just an isolated case because the other bites weren’t salty as the first one. It was messy to eat if want to eat with your fingers because the toppings would fall off. After a few minutes, all that was left was a box (yes I was hungry).. i felt that there was something lacking. Perhaps the flavors were just overwhelming for me that I call on the help of bread or rice to help balance it.

The KFCHizza will be available next week (July 8) in your KFC stores.

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