KFC says goodbye to Chizza

KFC says goodbye to Chizza…

KFC Create Your Own Chizza

… with a create-your-own-chizza event!

The Chizza was one of KFC’s latest creations where they combined their famous chicken and select pizza ingredients. Just like their other limited menu items, it was now time to say goodbye. However, KFC says goodbye through a short (and bitin) create-your-own-chizza event.

Create Your Own Chizza

The chizza always had a default set of toppings so I was pretty excited to create my version. For example, It should be all meat with lots of cheese! We were given an array of choices in sauces, meat, cheese and vegies in a menu that looks like a checklist. Just mark your ingredient and see it get created in front of you. The last step was when the chizza goes into the oven and a few seconds later; say hello to Chizza in a box. Btw, they already have pre-made combinations for you to choose from but where’s the fun in that?

KFC Create Your Own Chizza 0Chicken

It starts with the chicken base…

KFC Create Your Own Chizza 1Sauce

…now choose from 6 different sauces (Pizza, Gangnam, Teriyaki, BBQ, Romano Cheese or Alfredo)

KFC Create Your Own Chizza 2Cheese

….make it cheesy with Mozzarella, Grated Cheddar, Quickmelt and Parmesan

KFC Create Your Own Chizza 3Meat and Veggies

… add protein and some green stuff! I ticked all the items for meat and just a few for veggies such as bellpeppers and mushrooms.

and.. into.. the..oven..it..goes..

KFC Create Your Own Chizza - My Personal Chizza

… my personal meaty and cheesy creation!

This activity was a lot of fun for me. I was happy with the freedom to customize my meal. First of all, I selected bbq sauce which I believe matches the chicken better (something that I find different in the original chizza recipe)… and then.. all meat and cheese because I love them both.

The create-your-own-chizza was a great idea and I wish they would have offered it to the public. I’m pretty sure it would sell because people like to have freedom to choose what they want and this would be a perfect fit. So.. here I am, silently hoping that the Chizza will make a come back soon (hey the double down came back) and this offer would be back with it.

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