KFC Wow Steak

KFC Wow Steak

October 9 2010

Today, I was roaming around thinking where to eat but after 10 kilometers (as said by the car) I still landed on KFC just two blocks from home. I wanted to eat the KFC WOW steak + the KFC Famous bowl however they said that they do not have cheese available for the famous bowl. So I just ordered the KFC Wow Steak.

Why do they call it “steak” btw? This is more of a chicken fillet in mushroom sauce. Maybe they could have called it “chicken steak” instead? LoL. So anyway, for the price tag of only PHP42.00, this meal has been able to make me feel satisfied for my dinner.

The serving size isn’t that big but it is enough for one rice already. I could not help but compare this to their Original Recipe where you get one chicken part for double the price of the wow steak. Flavor wise, there isn’t much of a difference so if you are on a tight budget, this is the one to get.

My only complain for this one (not really a complain though) is that it seems to be “processed-chicken-fillet” and not just simple fried chicken. That would make you wonder what it’s composition would be; like it is 100% chicken or are there things that have been added? Hmmmm…

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