Kim Chee Korean Cuisine

Kim Chee Korean Cuisine

Kim Chee - Cha Dolbaki


From a group of friends who loves food; Kim Chee Korean Cuisine offers grilled and healthy food.

Our second stop for the Zomato Hunger Games was at Kim Chee Korean cuisine. 

Korean food is something that I love to eat especially Samgyeopsal. I can eat lots of meat and get my servings of veggies at the same time. At Kim Chee; we were treated with Samgyeopsal and other Korean dishes. Lucky me as one of those dishes was Korean Beef Stew (Gal Bi jjim). Each table had its own grill and a tube-like range hood (similar to what I saw at Namoo House). This allows more smoke from the grill to be sucked first before it can stick to your clothes.

Kim Chee Banchan

Ban Chan (Korean side dishes)

Before the main dishes came out; the banchan (Korean side-dishes) came and it is exciting to know that these get rotated everyday. So whatever was served that day might not be there tomorrow but will make a comeback on other days. No anchovies today but the potato was the crowd favorite.

Now for the main dishes as they came out one by one…

Kim Chee - Kimbap

Kimbap (Rice Rolls) – PHP 125

A refreshing way to start the meal would to eat Kimbap (or rice rolls). It was crunchy, fresh and delicious!

Kim Chee - Tofu Kimchi

Tofu Kimchi – PHP 350

This would be the veggie Samgyupsal as instead of meat; you will wrap kimchi and tofu inside the lettuce. It is also said that the proper way to eat this would be to put everything (what you have wrapped) in your mouth in one go. I tried, failed and was forced to bite it in half.

Kim Chee - Sei Wu Ti Gim

Sei Wu Ti Gim (Shrimp) – PHP 350

Kim Chee - Gal Bi Jim

Gal Bi Jim (Korean Beef Stew) – PHP 280

The beef stew was surprisingly sweet as compared to the other Korean Beef Stews I have tried (as they usually have a spicy kick). The beef was soft and so easy to chew. The only thing missing was rice!

As for the grilled meat, the following were served. These all came from their imported beef menu but they also local pork and beef for grilling.

Kim Chee - Cha Dolbaki

Cha Dolbaki (Beef Sirloin)- PHP 300

Kim Chee - Seng Dung Sim

Seng Dung Sim (Beef Brisket)- PHP 450

Kim Chee - L.A. Galbi

L.A. Galbi (Beef Ribs) – 400

Oh yeah, lastly we were served Korean Ice Cream and no pictures were taken because everyone simply jumped off their seats and attacked (cough K ..cough C… cough W… cough T… Cough F). 

There’s not a lot of Korean restaurants at Marikina (as per Zomato) so Kim Chee is a welcome addition to the list. They serve authentic Korean Cuisine at reasonable prices. If I’m in Marikina craving for Korean; I know where to go.

Disclosure: Kim Chee paid for our meal

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Kim Chee Korean Cuisine

C & B Mall Annex Building,
Liwasang Kalayaan,
Marikina, 1810 Metro Manila

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