Kimukatsu and the 25 Layers of Mille-Feuille Katsu

Kimukatsu and the 25 Layers of Mille-Feuille Katsu


Allow me to present to you another Japanese Restaurant that serves Tonkatsu but worry not as this is not the usual katsu that you see. Presenting Kimukatsu and their 25 Layers of Mille-Feuille Katsu!

So what does Mille-Feuille mean and how does it differ from our usual katsu? From my understanding, after consulting with Wikipedia, Mille-Feuille is a pastry that originated from France and is made up of layers. So if we apply that to Kimukatsu, then we should be expecting a katsu with layers too.

…. and guess what, that’s exactly what we saw and here we have a close-up of their Mille-Feuille Katsu.

Kimukatsu Mille-Feuille Katsu

Mille-Feuille Katsu – Do you see the layers?

Also, the layered katsu comes in 7 different flavors (that unfortunately I wasn’t able to try) which would be plain, garlic, black pepper, cheese, negi shio (spring onions), yuzu kusho (yuzu fruits and green chili pepper) and ume shiso (sour plum and shiso leaf).

Kimukatsu Kurobuta Kimukatsu Set

Kurobuta Kimukatsu Set – PHP 595
Try Kurobuta in our trademark mille-feuille form, which will accentuate all the marvelous features of this unique pork.

But wait! There’s more as they also have the premium kurobuta version of their Mille-Feuille Katsu.

Kimukatsu Katsu

Kimukatsu Katsu

Taste-wise, how do they differ from other katsus? On my first bite, I immediately noticed that it was juicy! As my teeth sank softly into each layer, I would taste a juicy flavor that envelops the katsu taste. Although they have dipping sauces for their kimukatsu, I prefer to eat it on its own so that I could really savor the taste and enjoy it.

Among the different flavors, I was only able to try the plain and the cheese version (best seller).

We also had the following:

Kimukatsu Tamago Don

Kimukatsu Tamago Don – PHP 330
One piece of plain kimukatsu cooked with our home-made donburi sauce and egg. Also known as the pork version of oyakodon.

Rice and yummy and creamy egg topped with Kimukatsu.

Kimukatsu Cheese Sandwich

Kimukatsu Cheese Sandwich – PHP 230

Reminds me of the Katsu-Sando of Ginza Bairin; though I prefer Ginza Bairin’s version.

Kimukatsu also serves tonkatsu that hasn’t been Mille-Feuilled so you can choose your pick from Rosu that also has a Kurobuta version, Hire, Menchi and Chicken.

I would like to go back in order to try out all seven flavors so who wants to join me and share the bill?

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Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 727-0333

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