KKK Dinner

KKK Dinner


Although there are a lot of restaurants in SM Mall of Asia, trying to find one with available seats during dinner time was still a challenge for us. We limited our choices in the entertainment mall as we were already in the area. I picked KKK randomly and we were placed in their reservation queue. It took a while before we got seated but we survived although very hungry. KKK serves Filipino food where some are dishes from Pampanga. Their menu was entertaining as they try to incorporate the terms used in the revolution (e.g. Maki-Baka for beef dishes).

Alright, let the Pinoy Food Revolution begin!

KKK Inihaw na Liempo Bacon Cut

KKK Inihaw na Liempo Bacon Cut – PHP 250

Isn’t bacon cut already liempo? Their version had a mildly sweet marinate and had thinner slices (nearly bacon-thin) which made it easier to cut even with just a spoon and fork.

KKK Kare Kareng Baka

KKK Kare Kareng Baka 2

KKK Kare Kareng Baka – PHP 380

I used to avoid this since I find the presence of peanut butter in a dish weird. It’s supposed to be something on a sandwich or in Reese chocolates. However, hunger usually removes all inhibitions and I actually enjoyed eating the tender beef. The peanut sauce was ok but for small amounts only. It really goes well with shrimp paste (bagoong).

Btw, don’t make the same mistake as we did because we forgot to add the vegetables to the dish. It is served separately.

KKK Chicken BBQ

KKK Chicken BBQ – PHP 285

This one was just OK … but actually, I think it needs more flavor so that I won’t have to rely more on the vinegar dip it comes with.

KKK Laing sa Gata

KKK Laing sa Gata – PHP 160

This was my first time eating Laing with lots of shrimp paste (bagoong). This gave it a more salty flavor but other than that, it still tastes as what I would have expected in laing. I would like to recognize the presence of pork cuts in this dish.

Laing is a dish made up of taro leaves, coconut milk and shrimp paste. It’s one of the vegies I love to eat!

KKK Sinigang na Bangus Belly

KKK Sinigang na Bangus Belly- PHP 280

As per my bias to sinigang dishes, I give this a thumbs up due to the right amount of sourness for me to enjoy my food. Sabaw pa lang, ulam na! (just the soup, it’s already a viand? lol my pathetic attempt to translate this phrase).

We ordered a lot of food at KKK thinking that we would be able to finish them all but 30 minutes later, we were having a hard time finishing everything. We also had to wait long for our food which made us more impatient. I noticed that they bring out all our orders together. It might be a good strategy but for hungry diners who had to wait in their reservation queue, it would have been better to serve us the rice and bring out one viand at a time (whichever gets cooked first).

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8 thoughts on “KKK Dinner

  1. Wow, I would love to try all those dishes. The prices really look affordable.

  2. I love KKK’s Karekareng Baka! ;)

  3. KKK revolution as in “MAKI-BAKA” a good name for a Filipino Restaurant. Read so many reviews about this place and the food at the same time and I truly agree with you, Filipino FOOD are way BETTER.

  4. the last time i dined at KKK is way back 2010. foods are really good, but we also found the service slow.

  5. i liked their inihaw na liempo and sinigang na lechon

  6. you’ll never go wrong that this place is pinoy… hahaha. you had a good selection… inihaw na liempo sprinkled with “linga” (sesame seeds) is quite unconventional though for a filipino dish… hehehe. Yahweh bless.

So what can you say? :)