Kokoro Ramenya Dinner

Kokoro Ramenya Dinner

Kokoro Ramenya

On a dark and stormy Friday night, Jessa and I ventured out into Manila to try out Kokoro Ramenya. I was already a bit worried if we were going to make it because we were already passing through flooded streets but call it a coincidence or meant-to-be, the rain weakened just enough for us to reach the place.

Kokoro Ramenya Gyoza

Kokoro Ramenya Gyoza – PHP 155

I usually skip ordering gyoza because I find them pricey. However, on this night, I wanted to try it and we were not disappointed as they serve delicious gyoza! The meat inside was packed tight and it was juicy that I thought I was eating Xiao-Long-Bao.

Kokoro Ramenya Tempura Maki

Kokoro Ramenya Tempura Maki – PHP 195

What happens when you combine shrimp tempura and maki together? Then you will get Kokoro Ramenya’s Tempura Maki (8pcs). It’s your maki with shrimp wrapped in tempura batter and topped with a yummy sauce (dipping in kikoman is optional because of this). Crunchy! Delicious!

Note: Jessa and I were enjoying the maki and gyoza so much that we forgot about the ramen dishes that we ordered. Due to this, our ramen got cold and started absorbing the soup.

Kokoro Ramenya Kokoro Manten Ramen

Kokoro Ramenya Kokoro Manten Ramen

Kokoro Ramenya Kokoro Manten Ramen – PHP 275

Shoyu-based Noodle Soup with tender pork slices, seafood and mixed vegetables

This reminds of me lomi but I do doubt myself but that was the first thing that came into mind when I tried this and I can’t shake off that thought anymore. Unfortunately, it got cold and we were not able to enjoy it much.

Kokoro Ramenya Hakata Classic Ramen

Kokoro Ramenya Hakata Classic Ramen

Kokoro Ramenya Hakata Classic – PHP 325

Rich and Creamy Tonkatsu Noodle Soup boiled for 18 hours topped with Kikurage, Chashu and Soft-Boiled Egg

Miso-based ramen has been my personal favorite due to the flavorful broth but that changed when I tried the hakati classic. It had the most creamiest ramen broth that I have tried. The other ingredients(chashu and egg) were simply a bonus as I have been sold by the broth alone.

Kokoro Ramenya Green Tea Ice Cream

Kokoro Ramenya Green Tea Iced Cream – PHP 95

It literally had a tea flavor. No hint of sweetness that you would expect in an ice cream. I’m glad we added beans to the order as it gave us a distraction from the tea flavor.

Despite failing Kokoro’s rule # 4 on how to enjoy their ramen (3. Finish all the noodles before they get soggy!), we still had a great and filling dinner thanks for their hakata classic, the gyoza and maki. However, I believe it deserves another chance to sample their ramen while it is still at it’s best (served hot).

Disclosure: Kokoro Ramenya paid for our dinner.

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Kokoro Ramenya
2/F Avenue of the Arts, 1388 Roxas Blvd cor Sta Monica
Ermita, Manila
(02) 254-9716

Restaurant by Mall:


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