Korean Garden Revisited for Lunch

Korean Garden Revisited for Lunch

Korean Garden Beef Ribs Stew

Korean Garden Beef Ribs Stew – PHP 350
Beef Ribs in a marinade of sesame oil, soy sauce, and special spices

When I first tried Korean Garden, I instantly fell in love with their beef stew. I’ve been thinking about this every once in a while (…I’d see her smile…) and I was very happy when I finally got the chance to dine at Korean Garden again.

Luckily, we arrived there before 12pm because a few minutes later the place was instantly packed and if you didn’t make any reservations (we didn’t) then you’d have to wait for your turn.

Korean Garden Mandu

Korean Garden Mandu – PHP 200
Mandu Dumpling

We started our meal with Korean dumplings (fried or steamed). Steamed tastes bland and has to rely to their vinegar like dip while fried would be more flavorful. Still, I liked the steamed version better.

Korean Garden So Kalbi Kui

Korean Garden So Kalbi Kui – PHP 330
Grilled beef ribs Bulgogi

More meat! Although we already had the beef stew (Kalbi jjim), we still ordered another beef ribs dish. Although the grilled beef ribs pales in comparison to the flavor and tenderness of the beef stew.

Korean Garden Samgyupsal Kui

Korean Garden Samgyupsal Kui – PHP 245
Grilled porkloin

Samgyupsal by itself doesn’t have much flavor (go for bulgogi if you want marinated meat). It usually comes with lettuce, garlic slices and a spicy pepper paste (I wrote about the procedure in my Min Sok post). It’s a unique experience and something that you should try when eating Korean cuisine.

Korean Garden Tak Bulgogi

Korean Garden Tak Bulgogi – PHP 280
Chicken barbecue

My mother, who doesn’t eat red meat anymore, ordered chicken. A very flavorful dish! You may continue to enhance the flavor by dipping it into the sauce that flowed into the sides of the plate. You can also use it as a replacement to the samgyupsal above.

Lastly, the beef ribs. I.was.happy. Tender beef.flavorful and a bit spicy broth… I could finish the whole bowl myself and be left wanting more. Again… I am craving…

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Korean Garden

128 Jupiter St.
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 895-5443

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